Apple’s ‘AirPods 2’ May Be Confirmed In A Stealth Black

Apple’s ‘AirPods 2’ May Be Confirmed In A Stealth Black

Apple AirPods have had an interesting few years since first launching in 2016. They struggled to shake the pretentious and slightly goofy looking public perception only to rebound hard in popularity coming into 2019.

Whether you can muster the cojones to pull them off or not, AirPods are here to stay, and with rumours looking to confirm our deepest desires since day one, they may soon be available in black.

According to the Economic Daily News, and reported by Mashable, Apple’s supply chain has already started manufacturing the second generation of wireless earbuds, known as ‘AirPods 2’, in black, and possibly in other colours also.

Among the modifications, it is also suspected the new product will feature enhanced health monitors and a grippier coating (which would make sense with a black wrap).

No official word on the black AirPods 2 or their release date has surfaced, but YouTuber Amanda Woolsey has given us a peek at her custom matte black AirPods, to give you an idea of what they could look like.

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