The 10 Best Tracks For Go-Karting In Sydney

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There aren’t many options when you’re out looking for the best go-karting in Sydney, but there’s just enough. The all-ages activity – full of drama, adrenaline, and healthy competition – is a favourite throughout NSW, and it’s absolutely no surprise to see the demand as high as ever, with new Sydney go karting tracks opening as recently as last month (i.e. Hyper Karting in Moore Park).

After you’ve worked your way through the 10 best tracks for go-karting in Sydney, there are a few tips and frequently asked questions you should know before you drive.

The 10 Best Tracks For Go-Karting In Sydney

Hyper Karting

Hyper Karting gokarting sydney

Hyper Karting is the newest kid on the go-kart racing block, and easily the most unique when looking at the best go-karting tracks in Sydney. First, they’ve taken over the top floor of the Entertainment Quarter parking lot at Moore Park (next to Fox Studios).

Second, they make full use of brand new RiMo electric karts which are made in Germany and are faster than petrol go karts, hitting top speed much faster with better handling and weight distribution – which the team can customise based on an individual rider’s weight, so everyone is on an even playing field.

Perhaps best of all, the F1-style steering wheels on each Hyper Karting kart display live stats so racers can monitor their performance during the race, making this a karting experience that’s hard to go past. You even get a three-second boost that can be activated with the simple press of a button every 60 seconds, just in case the speed isn’t enough for you as you navigate the 410 metres indoor track alongside up to 7 other racers at once.

Hyperkarting Sydney has also recently added a special Grip Drip coating to their track surface, which has reportedly reduced lap times by 10%. This is a nice little boost to the intensity of the go karting experience, getting creative when it comes to dealing with the build-up of dust on the car park surface.

Hyper Karting also has one of the most convenient locations for anyone looking for a race track near the city. It’s Moore Park, so office workers don’t need to travel far to hit the tracks after the office slog.

You may also like to know that go karting is actually considered essential exercise, so somewhere like Hyperkarting would be open even with current Sydney lockdown restrictions in place. Anyone within 5km of Hyperkarting Sydney would be able to go ahead and take part in the track, so you don’t necessarily have to wait until October 11th (“Freedom Day”) to burn some rubber.

Pricing: From $29 for a 15-minute slot (adult)
Address: 207 Park Rd S, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (9am – 12am)

Spitfire Go Karts, Paintball & Laser Tag

Spitfire gokarting sydney

With wide lanes, long straights & tight bends, the go-karting action at Spitfire Paintball & Go Karts might be the best rush you can get behind the wheel in Sydney.

The track was built in 2013, and brand new Sodi RT8 go karts from Europe were unleashed on the circuit in 2018.

Featuring specially-tuned Honda GX270 4 stroke engines, Spitfire’s karts will propel you forward with explosive acceleration and huge amounts of torque allowing controlled slides and power drifts through the corners.

Feather the throttle and control the brakes and these karts make for a blistering time if you can keep the wheel spin in check on the race track. Spitfire Go Karts also offer “Arrive and Drive” sessions, although it’s strongly recommended that you call ahead to avoid wait times and disappointment. It’s worth getting a spot, because as far as the best Go Karting Sydney has to offer, these go kart tracks will surely satisfy.

Spitfire Go Karts is one of the more popular choices for corporate events and team building given this particular ultimate karting experience not too far out from the city, compared to some of the other big players out further in Western Sydney.

Pricing: From $33 for a 10-minute session
Address: Cnr George Street & Station Avenue, Concord West NSW
Contact: (02) 8765 0039
Opening Hours: Monday (11am – 5pm); Tuesday (11am – 6pm); Wednesday – Friday (11am – 9pm); Saturday (9am – 9pm); Sunday (11am – 7pm)

Indy 800 Kart Track

indy 800 go karting

Claimed as Sydney’s best outdoor track, the Indy 800 Kart Track is located just outside of the city, on the picturesque banks of the Hawkesbury River. Location is one of the more distinctive things about this go karting track, with a long circuit and reasonable 6hp karts with 60 minutes on the field priced at $110 per person.

The 800-metre circuit is one of the longest in Sydney, expressing the beautiful landscape of Butterfly Farm with a lot of straight runs and S-bends. Parking up by the river with a few bevvies after go karting is the main attraction here, and a reason why Indy 800 Kart Track is always considered a frontrunner for the best go karting for group bookings.

Pricing: From $30 for a 10-minute session
Address: 446 Wilberforce Road, Wilberforce NSW
Contact: (02) 4575 1265
Opening Hours: Sunday – Monday (9:30am – 5pm); Wednesday – Friday (9:30am – 5pm); Saturday (9:30am – 8pm)

Extreme Indoor Karting

Extreme Indoor Karting

With over 15 years of experience in the karting industry, Extreme Indoor Karting reckons their facilities are “unmatched” in Australia.

Our centre features three tracks – an Extreme Track (for any wannabe Lewis Hamilton), a Sprint Track (for newcomers to the sport), and a Family Track.

Riders have the option of senior, junior and even double karts at this Sydney go-karting track, with a minimum age of 13-years-old for the 270cc adult go-karts.

Pricing: From $35 for a 10-minute session
Address: 3, 66 Christina Road, Villawood
Contact: (02) 8764 8970
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday (12pm – 10pm); Friday (12pm – 11pm); Saturday (10am – 11pm); Sunday (10am – 10pm)

Ultimate Karting

Ultimate Karting sydney

Claiming the “widest track in Australia” – at 6 metres wide and 450 metres long – South-West Sydney’s Ultimate Karting is one of the city’s more popular and long-standing fully licensed go-karting venues. It’s indoor too, so the weather is of no concern as you’re racing around the complex in a Sodi SR5 – a race-bred kart using Honda 9hp 270cc engines that have been geared especially to take advantage of Ultimate Karting’s high grip level concrete surface.

Junior racers also get a power nod with the Sodi SR4 karts, using only a slightly less powerful Honda 6.5hp 20cc engine, while Ultimate Karting also offers state-of-the-art twin seater go karts (although those are only for riders aged 18 and up).

Note that you’ll need a specific UKS (Ultimate Karting Sydney) licence to race, although it’s just $10 for a yearly membership, and $10 to renew.

Pricing: From $30 for a 10-minute session (adults)
Address: 40 Anderson Rd, Smeaton Grange
Contact: 1300 00 KART
Opening Hours: Monday (10am – 5pm); Tuesday – Saturday (10am – 10pm); Sunday (10am – 6pm)

Luddenham Raceway

Luddenham karting sydney

Luddenham Raceway is a multi-faceted activities complex with go-karting sitting right next to an outdoor paintball arena and even a motorsport park. Described as an “adrenaline centre”, there’s certainly a high standard to provide some of the best go-karting in Sydney.

There’s two tracks to choose from here. The Rookie Circuit is 200 metres long with 9 flowing corners, designed specifically for beginners and kids’ driving abilities. Moving on up is the Pro Circuit, with 12 high-speeding flowing corners and a length of 600 metres, plus a few elevation changes to keep things nice and varied. The latter is also equipped with LED night lights for night time go-karting sessions.

Much like Ultimate Karting Sydney above, you’ll need a $10 specially branded licence that’s valid for 12 months. It’s worth it if you want the best go karting Luddenham Raceway has to offer.

Pricing: From $35 for a 10-minute session (Pro Circuit)
Address: 821-849 Luddenham Rd, Luddenham
Contact: (02) 9834 2366
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (10am – 5pm); Saturday (9am – 9pm); Suday (9am – 7pm)

Wollongong Karting

wollongong karts

Wollongong Karting ambitiously described their offering as an “upscale racing experience,” equipped with a full fleet of European Sodi Karts and running a Karting school so everyone who wants to can get up to speed as soon as possible.

This is the same outdoor track where current V8 supercar drivers Mark Winterbottom, Michael Caruso, James Courtney, and Indy Car driver Ryan Briscoe all chiselled their own racing stripes, so being able to take your own kart onto the field is a thrill worth the price of admission.

You can take advantage of the usual arrive & drive karting experience at Wollongong Karting, or you can kick it up to the next level with the AKRA Racing Series, which is made up to 2 heat races of 10 laps, a pre-final of 15 laps, and a winner-takes-all Grand Final of 20 laps. The seasonal competition is $110 for entry with your own kart or $550 for Australia’s only arrive & drive 2 stroke Yamaha racing class with a fully prepared 2 race stroke kart and mechanic.

Pricing: From $110 for the AKRA Racing Series
Address:  9-11 W Dapto Rd, Kembla Grange NSW
Contact: (02) 9138 7610
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday (10am – 5pm)

Sydney Premier Karting

Sydney premiere gokarting

Sydney Premier Karting is the largest of all go karting in Sydney. In fact, it’s the fastest as well. With tracks built with the highest quality bitumen available, the aim is to recreate as close an experience as possible to full race car driving, using super fast Sodi RT8 race-build go-karts capable of 13hp with a maximum speed of 100km/h and ultra-grip tires.

And that’s just the top-tier kart available. There are around 6 different karts on offer so anyone can take part across the three different tracks, which vary in length from 703 metres to 1,024 metres. They’ve even got their hands on some Sodi 2Drive double karts, which are widely considered the best double karts on the rental market and are capable of either single or dual steering.

Before you take part you’ll need to purchase a $10 yearly membership (based on adult pricing). After that, it’s simply a matter of picking and choosing which kind of go-kart you and your crew want to drive, and on which track. The biggest benefit of choosing SPK is that they have such a dedication to the adrenaline-pumping activity, that you’ve got more options than most other of the best go-karting tracks in Sydney.

Pricing: From $40 for 10 minutes (based on Sofi RT8 karts)
Address: 50 Peter Brock Dr, Eastern Creek
Contact: (02) 9672 7530
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (9am – 9pm)

Picton Karting Track

Picton go-karting

Although the name may be Picton Karting Track, the complex has become so popular amongst thrills seekers that they’ve now decided to expand with their very own mini golf course. It’s a unique sports fusion for sure, but it’s still the go-karting that keeps most people coming back to this large and comprehensive operation.

Much like Luddenham Raceway, there’s a rookie track and a pro circuit to choose from, with the former measuring in at 330×8 metres, while the latter picks that up to 640×8 metres. The pro circuit has 9 corners plus a hair pin to keep things nice and fresh, plus they use only the highest quality mix of asphalt for superior grip.

There’s a few karts to choose from here, but right now their top-tier is a high-performance two-stroke KT100S yamaha engine powered kart capable of 17hp with a maximum speed of over 110km/h and a max rpm of 16,000. That’s some serious grunt, which will only get beefier later this year when they introduce some 8 newly sourced karts built with the European ‘TB RMAX’ chassis and powered by a Rotax 2 stroke engine capable of speeds up to 110km/h, and super grippy Maxxis Sport racing tires.

Given the beefy approach to go-karting here, there can be up to 25 karts on the track at once (depending on type of kart).

Pricing: $95 for 10 minutes (based on 17hp two-stroke karts)
Address: 200 Picton Road, Picton
Contact: (02) 4677 3330
Opening Hours: Monday (10am – 5pm); Wednesday – Friday (10am – 5pm); Saturday (9am – 7pm); Sunday (9am – 6pm)

Entertainment Park

Entertainment Park Sydney

Another new one for Sydney is Entertainment Park, and while not exactly just a go-karting complex, the activity is one of the key attractions of this multi-faceted fun-plex. Located in Bankstown, the massive space also hosts bowling, racing simulators, hologate VR, and more – there’s even a barber. But it’s the e-karting arena that steals the show, with karts that can zip up to 85km/h.

Note that you’ll need to pay $15 per year for a licence here.

Pricing: From $35 for 10 minutes (adult)
Address: 361 Milperra Rd, Bankstown
Contact: (02) 9773 1398
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (10am – 10pm)

Go-Karting In Sydney – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Go-Karting safe?

Yes, most definitely. There are plenty of regulations in place for these operators to follow. Plus, the best go-karting tracks in Sydney source some of the finest karts available on the rental market, all of which are equipped with protective features. Plus, you’re required to wear a helmet and the appropriate clothing at all times – which will usually be provided for you.

How fast do go-karts go?

Well it depends on the go-kart. On average, you can expect around 50km/h from most standard go-karts. The newer models, which some of the tracks listed below use, can exceed 100km/h. One of the tracks – Hyper Karting – even has karts that can activate a boost (Mario Kart style) every so often throughout the race.

How many racers can be on the same track at any one time?

This also depends on the track, its width and length. For a standard track you expect around 8, but for the longer and wider ones you can expect all the way up to 25 racers at once.

If the sun is shining, maybe you’d prefer to check out the best golf driving ranges in Sydney instead.