A ‘Call Of Duty: Zombies’-Style VR Game Has Opened At Sydney’s Hyper Karting
— Updated on 6 June 2024

A ‘Call Of Duty: Zombies’-Style VR Game Has Opened At Sydney’s Hyper Karting

— Updated on 6 June 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Apparently, owning the greatest go-karting track in Sydney wasn’t enough of a flex. Because now, the team behind Hyper Karting have taken it upon themselves to launch what we’re already prepared to call Sydney’s most exciting free-roam virtual reality gaming centre.

Hosted at the very same site as their Entertainment Quarter (Moore Park) indoor race facilities, here, you can determine what you’re made of by entering the 10-metre x 10-metre “Hyper Reality” arena which can digitally simulate a battleground measuring up to 100 metres x 100 metres.

Armed with a noise-cancelling headset, vests capable of providing haptic feedback, and of course, easy-to-handle controllers that aren’t entirely unlike the PlayStation VR rigs, while we’re not exactly guaranteeing Matrix-level realism, we are guaranteeing a bloody good time.

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Currently, the key offerings at Hyper Karting’s virtual reality hub are as follows:

  • Death Squad (essentially Call of Duty: Zombies)
    “Team up and survive against the undead horde as they swarm your base. Earn money as you kill zombies to unlock new areas and buy powerful weapons. Can you hold on until the extraction team arrives? On Special Request: Survival Mode – How many waves can you last? Watch out! If you all die you’ll be sent back to Round 1. Can you beat the record?”
  • CyberClash
    “Earn bragging rights against your mates in these Player vs Player games. Choose between Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Archery, King Of The Hill, or Battle Royale. Played in a virtual 50-metre x 50-metre arena, positioning is key to make sure you come out on top of the leaderboard.”
  • Kitchen Panic
    “Ever wanted to increase your culinary skills? Keep calm under pressure and quickly produce the finest dishes Paris has to offer before the customers run out of patience. Chop, cook, and even throw ingredients at your teammates to get the meals served before the timer runs out!”

15-minute sessions are available for just $19 right now – hit the link below to get in on the action.

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