10 Reasons TED Talks Are One Of The Coolest Resources On The Net
— 10 March 2015

10 Reasons TED Talks Are One Of The Coolest Resources On The Net

— 10 March 2015

I am a big TED talk enthusiast and will really jump on any opportunity to promote the value that can be sought from watching them. I really think they are one of the coolest resources on the internet and I’ve jotted down some reasons why. I’ve included some of favourites throughout the article. Enjoy!

1. They’re free

TED talks are free and that’s what makes them so great. You can share them with your colleagues, friends and family without the concern of them being a further expense or anybody having limited accessibility.

[ted id=”1986″]

2. They’re trustworthy

Whilst TED talks are often based on opinion, or lack credible sources they can be trusted in terms of the person providing the message. You know who they are or can find it out. They aren’t anonymous, and the TED organisation has backed they’re legitimacy to some point. From there, take from it what you will.

3. They’re ever-growing

Every time you hop on to watch a TED talk you inevitable stumble across more unwatched material. There is already massive base and this is only being contributed to daily which means you always have more to learn.

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4. They’re audio based

It can often become tiresome to read article after article on the web, and this can be difficult to digest. TED talks are videos, and generally don’t need to be physically watched to be understood which means you can play them whilst you do other things, like exercise or cook.

5. They’re independent

TED is an independent organisation and therefore invites speakers from a variety of backgrounds with a wealth of knowledge. This means you get the opportunity to broaden your horizons.

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6. They’re a great way to initiate self-development

These talks can be the start of something big. Whether it is just watching video after video or extending further into other materials like the books from the speakers. The TED talks can be a great way to start your learning curve and self-development journey by hearing the right messaging.

7. They open your mind

You may stumble upon a concept or idea that is completely foreign to you and often left-field. This provides you with a different perspective, helping you to think outside the square, challenge the status quo and open your mind.

[ted id=”1741″]

8. They’re a great talking point

TED talks can be a great talking point, either through the actual content or the concept itself. Sharing and discussing recently viewed TED talks, particularly with work colleagues can be a great talking point and can add depth to your daily interactions.

 9. They can help you find your passion

Sometimes stumbling upon that different idea or concept can ignite a fire or passion within you to find out more, and who knows where this can lead in the long term.

[ted id=”848″]

10. They’re diverse

There is so much variety in what you can listen to, which means there is a TED talk for everyone.

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