5 Quick Lunch Break Workouts That’ll Have Your Productivity Firing

There’s nothing quite like a bit of a workout to find your centre, clear the old headspace, and get you started on that mental reset. And there’s actually plenty of science to support the whole exercise boosting productivity angle. Across several studies, the release of hormones from getting a sweat on coupled with the active burning of restless and idle energy has been proven to exponentially increase one’s ability to get the job done once you’re back at the desk. Fun fact, your physical strength actually peaks around midday too. Here are five easy lunchbreak exercises to get you going again after that 12 PM slump.

Turkish get-ups (with a folder instead of a kettlebell) x 30

Side planks x 30 seconds each side

Tricep dips (office chair or desk instead of bench) x 30

Side-to-side push-ups x 30

Piston squats x 30

30 reps a set.
5 sets in total.
Remember to stretch before and afterwards.
And try not to tear the seams of that nice work shirt, you white-collar units.