WATCH: UFC 4 Trailer Reminds Us Why We Love This Sport

You and I may never know what it feels like to physically dominate a world-class athlete before roaring crowds in the modern equivalent of a Colosseum. But part of MMA’s appeal – as a spectator at least – is witnessing greatness unfold before you and even living vicariously through the sport’s biggest names. And based on what we’ve been shown in the first UFC 4 trailer, EA Sports has managed to perfectly capture that very essence and deliver a little more by letting us control the action like never before.

In the trailer below, reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya and BMF titleholder Jorge Masvidal waxes poetic about the beautiful art of modern combat – accompanied by visual renderings of their own brutal and bloody journies to the top, Adesanya noting “This shit isn’t for everyone.”

The UFC 4 gameplay itself – as demonstrated in the gameplay trailer included below the announcement trailer – promises to be more fluid, dynamic, and responsive than previous instalments. Exactly what you’d want from an MMA game. The good news for those who have struggled to navigate the more complex in-game mechanics? Everything has apparently been streamlined to be a tad more user-friendly, especially the historically cumbersome ground fighting component.

In addition to an improved experience, new venues, and even a new game mode dubbed Blitz Battles – a fast-paced mode pitting you against other fighters online in a six round rapid-fire tournament with constant rotation of rulesets – heavyweight boxing champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua will also be playable characters stepping into the Octagon. Which I have absolutely no issue with given previous instalments allowed you to play as both UFC President Dana White and Joe Rogan of all people.

UFC 4 will officially launch around the world on August 14th of this year.

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