A Replica ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Radar Has Just Been Released For The 90s Kids

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A replica Dragon Radar from the Dragon Ball series has just been released by Tamashii Nations in collaboration with Propecia. Meaning all you 90s kids out there can now relive a childhood fantasy of tracking down the seven Dragon Balls and summoning Shenron for a wish. 

The device is a very ergonomic 10 centimetres in diameter with a nice and smooth display. With an LED light display and sound effects to match, the Dragon Radar has two modes according to the official site description:

[Translated from Japanese – could be incorrect but you get the gist.]

  • “Let’s Find It!”
    By pushing the switch, scattered Dragon Balls gather. When all are gathered, the line is activated with the summoning sound of Shenron.
  • “Let’s Catch It!”
    When the moving Dragon Balls comes to the centre, stop seven times in a row with good timing. The speed gets faster and faster.

The Dragon Radar comes with a display stand and a carry strap. This bit of nostalgia currently retails for ¥2,750 (AU$38).

Find out more over at tamashii.jp.

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