5 Important Grooming & Style Lessons From Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’

5 Important Grooming & Style Lessons From Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’

More than a decade on from the original series, Netflix has surprised everyone with a revival. And it has been very well received. This life overhaul show is not only about individuals having their quality of life improved, but a surprising demonstration of heart. That being said, it remains largely as a thing of quality grooming and style education. 

Here are five important lessons you can learn from Queer Eye:

Upgrading your style doesn’t mean sacrificing who you are, just finding the appropriate version of it.

The point of a style upgrade isn’t to throw everything about your former/current self out the window. It’s about elevating your look whilst still having a degree of freedom to bring the core of your personality out. Example: so you’re an easy going, funny guy. Ditch the print tees with terrible puns and tacky designs, sure, but keep it lighthearted and fun with colours. Easy trade up. 

The rule of thumb with products: “If you can see it, you did too much.”

Learn moderation with skin and hair products. It’s easy to go overboard out of fear the the effects won’t “take”. The same goes doubley for fragrances. Trust the label, and make it seamless. 

Keep it simple with clothing, don’t mistake brands for aesthetic. 

Layers of basic items are more than enough to level up your outfit. Refrain from feeling the need to bend over backwards, jump through hoops, and sacrificing animals to deities just to make a fit work. If it feels like too much work is required and you’re fighting against a clear and present obstacle, you’re probably going in the wrong direction.  

The crucial difference between fashion and style. 

Resident style authority, Tan France, said it best:

“Style is not fashion. Fashion is not trendy after a season. Quite honestly, I couldn’t give a shit about fashion. Style is dressing the way that you feel confident, and what is appropriate for you, your age, your body type.”

A pair of good fitting jeans and nice tee can do more than a Gucci only outfit. Simplicity is key.   

You can’t control your genetics, but you can control everything else.

We might not be able to control the hand we were dealt with from birth, but we can always control our confidence and effort levels. So go the extra mile. Feel good about yourself, and comfortable in your skin. It’s an attractive quality. Apparently.