The Perfect Rave Shoe Just Dropped In The Adidas Guccimaze Ozrah

Adidas Guccimaze Ozrah

We might be living in 2022, but Adidas is living in 2032 and the all-new Guccimaze Ozrah is proof. Created in collaboration with the Japanese visual artist and graphic designer Guccimaze, the futuristic silhouette is inspired by rave culture.

While original in the details of its design, the fresh release from Adidas is further proof of the influence of Kanye West and his Yeezy brand. It’s a pair of Yeezy 700’s that immediately come to mind when you first see the streamlined angles of the Ozrah, which is sure to be similarly popular. Yeezy remains one of the hottest pieces of the Adidas puzzle, and it’s exciting to see more Guccimaze design DNA injected into tried and true styles.

The Adidas Guccimaze Ozrah arrives in a stealthy “Core Black” colourway, complemented with metallic silver highlights and a mesh base. Sytalised Ozrah logos can be spotted on the flanks of the shoe, as well as a Guccimaze logo across the heel, both of which are overlayed by sleek rubber webbing.

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Found across the heel and peeking through the outsole are several reflective strips that only really come out to play under bright lights in darkness, while the tongue tag features text that says “STAY TECHNO”, only visible under UV light. A perfect feature to check out in the rave cave.

Set to be available from this Wednesday the 23rd, the Adidas Guccimaze Ozrah’s Carrie with an RRP of US$140 (AU$195).

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