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Monet Haystacks Painting Sets New Record For AU$160 Million

A painting by the famous French artist Claude Monet has been snapped up for US$110.7 million (AU$159.9 million).

Who Exactly Is Francois Pinault And His US$1.2 Billion Art Collection?

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KAWS Shatters Sotheby’s Auction Record With $20 Million Artwork Sale

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The ‘Indiana Jones Of Lost Art’ Tracks Down Stolen Picasso Painting Worth $39 Million

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American Investor Ken Griffin’s Flat-out Silly $1.7 Billion Spending Spree

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‘Living Coral’ Is Pantone’s Colour Of The Year For 2019

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BH Approved Drops Exclusive Kanye And Beyonce Artworks By Cliff Sandler

BH Approved presents their first collaboration with Sydney artist Cliff Sandler showcasing an exclusive collection of original and limited run artworks featuring Kanye and Beyonce.

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