Bremont was founded by brothers Nick and Giles English in 2002, fast becoming one of England’s most acclaimed and dependable brands for mechanical watches. Inspired by a love of flying historic aircraft, Bremont has attracted numerous accolades thanks to releases across Hawking, Ionbird, Broadsword, and – in partnership with the Ministry of Defence – the Armed Forces collection.

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Bremont Links With Williams Racing F1 Team For The Track-Ready WR-22 Chronograph

Bremont is a watchmaker that punches above its weight in more ways than one. Despite only being founded two decades…

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Bremont The Wing Facility

Bremont ‘The Wing’ Opens Alongside Williams F1 Partnership & 3 New Watches

Bremont’s 19-year quest to manufacture watches 100% in the UK has taken a giant leap forwards with the opening of…

Bremont Broadsword

The Bremont Broadsword Bronze Boasts A Naval Alloy Construction

Henley-based luxury watchmakers Bremont may be comparatively young in the industry, but an unwavering dedication to British engineering and endurance,…

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Nick English

In Conversation With Bremont Watch Co-Founder Nick English

The achievements and accolades of England’s homegrown Bremont watch company just shy of two decades are quite remarkable. As I stand in…

Bremont Announce Bold Military-Inspired Watches

Bremont has recently entered into an official partnership with Britain’s Ministry of Defence to create beautiful and reliable timepieces for both…

The Bremont Supersonic Marks Concorde’s 50th Anniversary

Made with pieces of the plane itself.

Bremont’s U-2/51-Jet Timepiece Debuts In Tom Hardy’s Venom

A long time fan of Bremont and close friend of its Co-Founder, Nick English, Tom Hardy has chosen to debut the brand’s U-2/51-Jet timepiece in the upcoming Venom.

The Watch You Will Only Receive If You Eject From A Fighter Jet & Survive

It’s an elite club, one that most pilots pray they never join. If they do – and survive – they’ll receive this one-off Bremont MBI timepiece.