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United Airlines Just Purchased $4 Billion Worth Of Supersonic Jets

Almost two decades since the Concorde‘s final flight, United Airlines has hedged a sizable bet on the return of supersonic…


Aerion Supersonic AS3 Commercial Jet Targets Mach 4 Speeds

Aerion has announced its supersonic AS3 commercial jet – the latest in a long line of aircraft prematurely hailed as…

5 Awesome Concorde Facts You Didn’t Know About

Ahead of its time, there’s still no other plane like it ever built.

Virgin Galactic & Rolls-Royce To Build The New Concorde

Virgin Galactic will collaborate with Rolls-Royce to develop engine propulsion technology for a new supersonic jet; which many are already…

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Virgin Galactic To Design Commercial Aircraft That Travels 5 Times The Speed Of Sound

Possibly through space.

Aston Martin’s DBS Superleggera Concorde Special Edition Is Cleared For Take-Off

These are two of our favourite things.

Listen To The Sonic Boom Of The Concorde At 60,000 Feet

The Concorde was quite possibly the aviation world’s most impressive creation, gracing our skies for a limited time before meeting…

Concorde Replacement To Make Its First Supersonic Test Flight Before Year’s Out

Predicted to be faster than the Concorde and in our skies by 2023.

The Bremont Supersonic Marks Concorde’s 50th Anniversary

Made with pieces of the plane itself.

The Return Of The Supersonic Jet Is Coming Sooner Than Expected

In a fortunate turn of history, however, we may be able to experience supersonic jets and subsequently supersonic flights once more.