— Updated on 29 January 2023

WATCH: Drone Crashes Into Erupting Icelandic Volcano

— Updated on 29 January 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

YouTuber Joey Helms has managed to capture the epic destruction of an erupting volcano moments before his drone crashed into its fiery doom.

The internet personality was piloting a DJI FPV drone above Geldingadalir located in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland. The initial intention was to bring the aerial kits back in one piece, but as it hovered closer and closer to the centre, the lens was fogged by the sheer heat, before the molten lava claimed its (expensive) victim – all from a truly stunning first-person perspective.

“Around the volcano where you have the hot gasses emitted, it causes turbulence all around it and hot rocks raining onto you… flying these things is even more tricky,” Helms can be heard explaining in the video.

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“It was my first time seeing a volcano exploding… I’m new to FPV drones, and in my defence, people crash and lose them all the time.

“I tried to push it as much I could to get spectacular footage, but I reckon I pushed it a little too far. The silver lining is that we got some really amazing looking footage.”

Fagradalsfjall’s Geldingadalir itself has been dormant for approximately 6,000 years, while the greater Reykjanes Peninsula had not experience a volcano eruption in 781 years up until March of this year, spilling with lava ever since – check out the drone footage courtesy of Joey Helms above.

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