The Best Apps To Download For Your Next Big Road Trip

For all of you out there planning a road trip, you’ll want to download these apps. Absolute game changers for all those long journeys ahead.


Instead of spamming your IG feed with yet another landscape shot, upload them to Journi, an online journal. Invite your friends and family to your ‘moments’ and keep them in the loop with daily photos, maps and a short description of your adventures. Download here.


Take the stress of money, out of the trip. Rather than keeping a mental note of who owes who what, Splitwise keeps a running total of the group transactions over time. The idea is to create one big payment, instead of a bunch of small ones. Because let’s be honest, there is nothing more awkward than splitting the bill five ways. Download here.


Are we there yet? Shave some time off your trip and get to your destination using the fastest route. The community-based traffic and navigation app shares real-time traffic and road info so you can avoid traffic jams, accidents, and police traps. Users can even track down the cheapest petrol station nearby, meaning you can buy that extra beer. Download here.


There’ll be a time when Spotify doesn’t deliver the goods and you are well and truly over all of your music. Switch things up and download a couple of audio books for the road. The monthly subscription costs $16.45 but gives you 1 credit for an audiobook of your choice. Download here.


We all love a good filter from time to time and this photo editing app will make your photos a solid 8/10 at least. The app just gives you more options and tools to make the best of your photos. Download here.