W Brisbane Is Looking For An Insider, And It Could Be You

The peak of luxury has got to be answering a craving with, “Don’t worry, I have a guy for that.” And with a click of the fingers, what you desire in your heart of hearts appears before your very eyes. Well now, you can have a guy for that, and more, all while making a career out of it.

With a hotel opening set for early 2018, W Brisbane is currently looking to recruit an individual to be their Insider. The W Insider will be someone with their finger on the pulse, and an entire network at their command, to connect hotel guests with the cutting edge and the fresh in the city. Music, night life, fashion, food, design– you name it. All will be within the W Insider’s grasp.

In addition to this, whoever is selected will be privileged enough to work with the distinguished W brand. The W Hotels have historically been known to take conventional hotel experiences, and turning it dramatically on its head. Next year, they’ve got their sights set on a triumphant return to Australia, as the brand is to reportedly “… brings its provocative design and super-charged energy to the Sunshine State…”. The first five-star hotel to debut around Brisbane’s CBD in twenty years, their mission statement is to make every stay a memorable one.

Think you have what it takes? Applications for Australia’s first W Insider kick off as of the 17th of October, and close the 5th of November. “Personality, style, and presence” across the mediums of video, prose, art, and social media is encouraged. Be sure to really know the city, inside and out, and think outside of the box. Casting submissions will be judged by none other than Abby Coleman along with the hotel team, as they search for “…the most witty and bold applications…”. Best of luck.