Nick Kenyon

Nick Kenyon


Nick Kenyon is the Editor of Boss Hunting, joining the team in 2021 after working as the Deputy Editor of the luxury watch magazine Time+Tide Watches.

Growing up in Melbourne, Nick worked in a corporate office before pursuing his passion for watches, working at The Hour Glass as a writer, prior to joining Time+Tide Watches. Nick’s interests are varied; covering design, real estate and style, as well as sport and fitness having spent more than a decade competing in swimming, running, cycling and triathlon races. As a Melbourne local, he’s also partial to a well-mixed Negroni, a carefully poured strong latte and a great meal, so he’s always got his ear to the ground for new bars, cafes and restaurants.

Get in touch at [email protected].

Location: Melbourne, Australia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Expertise: Watches, Architecture, Style, Design, Fitness

Experience: The Hour Glass, Time+Tide Watches

Qualifications: Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations, Philosophy) — Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology