Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: May 2023
— 2 June 2023

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: May 2023

— 2 June 2023
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

Each and every month in the Boss Hunting office we’re lucky enough to sample, find, taste, explore, and curate some of the coolest stuff the world has to offer. From watches and restaurants to foil boards and Danny Ric’s wine collab, these are Boss Hunting’s favourite things for May 2023.

Curated by Jack Slade, James WantRandy Lai, Garry Lu and Nick Kenyon

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Fliteboard Series 3

John and I were lucky enough to spend a weekend on the Gold Coast last month, and while we were up there I got to try the latest e-Foil from Fliteboard. After a surprisingly short learning curve, I was foiling around the Goldy and having an absolute ball. It’s such a well-made product and made me very jealous of John and James’ two-day experience at Fliteboard HQ in Byron. It’s not exactly cheap, but it is a hell of a lot of fun. – Jack

Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

I recently enjoyed a couple of weeks in Europe and the UK and while in a London bookshop, came across this book. I’d read The Big Short by Michael Lewis and absolutely loved it, so I picked it up from the stack and read the first paragraph. That was all the convincing I needed to buy it and absolutely devoured the tale of a Russian Goldman Sacs employee, who found himself in jail thanks to the dark arts of the mind-bendingly lucrative high-frequency trading business. A truly gripping read and an insight into just how rigged the stock market can be. – Nick

Hermès H08

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: May 2023
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I recently acquired an Hermès H08 despite having never tried one on, and I think that speaks volumes about the design. The custom font that translates to the date wheel, the cut-out hands that reveal a precise minute track underneath, and the micro-adjustable clasp are just a few small details that make the H08 great. Look out for my review in the coming weeks. – James

Starward’s Stout Cask

It’s no secret to you now that we’ve just about finished a campaign with Melbourne distillery Starward Whisky for its limited Stout Cask release. After a considerable amount of time with the new single malt and its many LE predecessors, I can confidently say it’s one of the most uniquely enjoyable drams I’ve had in a while. An explosion of stout beer flavours which I adore – malted biscuits, chocolate, cookies and cream – are mashed together with classic Starward tongue ticklers like stewed fruits and vanilla. The ballot closes June 4th if you’ve yet to put your name in the whisky world’s coveted version of the goblet of fire.

Sonny, Hobart

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: May 2023

There’s little doubt in my mind that Sonny – a compact hole-in-the-wall at the outer rim of Hobart’s CBD – is the epitome of the essential mid-price Aussie wine bar – arguably this nation’s greatest contribution to the international culinary order.

That Sonny manages to craft such a singularly immaculate vibe, in spite of a total lack of pageantry, is something to celebrate. Walking in off of the street (which is, incidentally, the only way to snag a table) you might well mistake this critically lauded eatery for just another sleepy shopfront; minus the 20-strong queue of diners – a rarity in Hobart – that snakes around the corner any given Saturday.

Inside, my patience was rewarded almost immediately. With only a handful of window tables and a sprawling hardwood bar that doubles up as counter seating, there’s a real bumper-to-bumper adrenaline rush that will put you in the headspace of a particularly memorable house party. Luckily, the provisions and the soundtrack are better. Much better.

Rock out to Side A of King of the World (that ol’ French disco favourite) with a glass of cold climate Pinot Noir or locally made Riesling; and when the mood finally hits you – because it ain’t a question of ‘if’ – take a run at the compilation of appetisers, pasta and freshly sliced charcuterie that is as lovingly chosen as the venue’s soundtrack.

An ‘all bangers, all the time’ situation – and one I’m already looking forward to revisiting. – Randy

DR3 The 3rd by Daniel Ricciardo

2023 has been something of a comeback year for our very own Danny Ric.

In addition to exiting from what was, quite frankly, toxic working conditions over at McLaren Racing and making his return to Red Bull Racing (albeit as a reserve driver), the homegrown motorsport talent has launched the third release of his hit wine collab with South Australia’s St Hugo: DR3 the 3rd.

Appearing in the form of an “impeccable and unapologetic” 2021 Shiraz alongside an extremely sophisticated cabernet sauvignon from the same vintage (my personal fave), this exclusive range transcends the usual BS endemic to celebrity alcohol and soundly occupies the space of legitimately premium connoisseur’s picks. – Garry

The tasting notes for each bottle are as follows:

  • DR3 x St Hugo South Australian Shiraz 2021
    “Dark and brooding with masses of berry, pomegranate, and raspberry fruit, it will draw you in with its mysterious charm and then engulf your tastebuds with an elegant, expressive embrace. Love it and it will love you back.”
  • DR3 x St Hugo South Australian Cabernet Sauvignon 2021
    “Aromas of raspberry mingle with hints of bay leaf, whilst elegant fine tannins dance with bright red fruits and hints of oak to deliver a seamless performance on the palate. Long live DR3 the 3RD.”

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