Someone Bought A US$1 Million Bottle Of Macallan Whisky Without Leaving Their Laptop

perfect collection of whiskey auction richard gooding macallan valerio adami 1926 60 year old

In today’s edition of baller news, someone has just bought a US$1 million bottle of Macallan whisky without even leaving their laptop. And if that doesn’t exactly impress you, consider this – there’s an individual out there that’s treating a one million dollar (USD) purchase like you and I would treat a used camera listed by a nice Armenian man on eBay. Yeah, there’s your perspective…

This “watershed moment” occurred at Whisky Auctioneer’s first instalment of The Perfect Collection sale. An event that accumulated 1,600 bidders from across 56 countries, all hoping to take one of the 1,932 rare bottles home. 

The million-dollar bottle of Macallan in question was a 1926 Valerio Adami 60-year-old. Finalised at a bid of £825,000 (US$1,072,000), it represents one of twelve sole bottles in the world. It also represents the Whisky Auctioneer being “… the first online whisky auction house to sell a bottle of spirit for over $1 million…”. 

Someone Bought A US$1 Million Bottle Of Macallan Whisky Without Leaving Their Laptop

According to whiskey expert, Angus MacRaild, this very instance has proven that online auctions are positioned to outperform tradition auction houses, in terms of high-end spirits. 

“[H]undreds of beautiful, historic and superb old whiskies have found new homes across the world,” says MacRaild.

“Some will be kept but most will be opened and enjoyed sooner or later.”

The Perfect Collection has been collected and curated by one Richard Gooding over the course of decades. Boasting of numbers over the 3,900 mark, it has been acknowledged as the world’s largest private whisky collection. Now, it’s obviously being sold off. Only time will tell the true value of the collection (read: what the diehards are willing to pay). Doubtless, to say that figure shall be, what’s the term for it again? Ah yes. Fucking ridiculous.

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