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Talking Success and Scotch Whisky with ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans

The Captain (or Jake Wyler depending on who you ask) talks Scotch Whiskyy, the truth behind success & what’s next in his life.

Ever Wondered How Whiskey Is Made? Here’s How

We all know that beer is made from barley, wine is made from grapes. Not many, however, know how whiskey is made.

How Sir Winston Churchill Legally Consumed Alcohol In The US During Prohibition

Sir Winston Churchill, visiting the US on a 40-stop lecture tour years saw to it that he was medically prescribed alcoholic spirits.

Ever Wanted To Know How Tequila Is Made?

The team at How To Make Everything went behind the scenes for this two minute look at the entire tequila production process.

The Perfect Autumn Drink: Substation No.41 Old Rum Boss

We thought it was high time to introduce you to our new favourite winter cocktail, our take on the Old Fashioned, the Old Rum Boss.

Presenting the Chivas Regal 18 Ultimate Cask Collection

Chivas Regal have just released their 18 Ultimate Cask Collection, and have been kind enough to be provide us with…

These Are The 50 Best Bars In The World In 2015

Taking up all of the top 5 spots and 32% of the entire list, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t any good bars outside of London and New York.

Appreciating Rum: An Expert’s Guide

While it’s long been known that Scotch whisky is made for sipping; rum has slipped somewhat under the radar. We got the low down on rum from an expert.

Make This Year’s Cocktail Of The Year

“Easy to replicate and can be made worldwide, the essential elements of a true ‘Legacy’ cocktail”

2 Chainz & Big Sean Sip On A $100k Martini

After smoking a joint rolled with 24K gold rolling papers, it’s no wonder 2 Chainz is now sipping a $100,000 martini with Big Sean.