Whisky Loot: Australia’s Own Monthly Scotch Subscription Service

Game changer is a term thrown around very loosely these days, and it’s one I avoid. But let me tell you something. This. This is a game changer. Before I go on, I should probably slow my roll, and rewind a few steps. This is Whiskey Loot. And it’s your very own (affordable) monthly Scotch subscription service.

Whisky Loot tracks popular and rare malt, and sends off three neat, unbranded 60mL bottles to your doorstep – each bottle is also labelled with the producer, age, type, and alcohol volume.

“Essentially, people experience a blind tasting because visually a brand can affect the way you taste something,” says Joel Hauer, founder of Whiskey Loot.

This comes with tasting notes with the objective of inspiring more conversation around our favourite brown liquor. Curation and education meet at a beautiful crossroad, so all you would-be posers and clueless drinkers (totally unlike myself) can finally up our collective games (dammit, sprung– I said ‘our’).

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This month, for example, subscribers may get a taste of Armorik Dervenn (France), Puni Nero (Italy), and Penderyn Myth (Wales) with total bottle values of over $400.

As the website says, do it for Hemingway. A man who consumed his fair share throughout a storied lifetime. And if that still isn’t enough of a sell for you, I honestly don’t know what its.

Whisky Loot costs a flat $59 a month-with free delivery.