We’re Paying For Your “Business Lunch” At Crown Sydney This July
— Updated on 6 September 2023

We’re Paying For Your “Business Lunch” At Crown Sydney This July

— Updated on 6 September 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

No corporate tradition is greater than the “business lunch.”

For a few hours out of an otherwise standard work day, it becomes socially acceptable to order all the sides your heart desires, and perhaps even throw back a cheeky wine or two under the guise of productivity. Or, and this one’s our personal favourite, “quarterly growth meetings.”

That’s why in the month of July, BH wants to celebrate the time-honoured excuse for a mid-year catchup with your colleagues or a lunch date with your better half, by footing the bill for a lucky few who dine at Crown Sydney.

All you need to do is rock up at either a’Mare, Nobu, Woodcut or Silks on a weekday (Monday to Friday) during the lunching hours and have at it. A single table will be selected once a week from any of the above restaurants completely at random, and we’ll drop in personally to deliver you the good news.

It doesn’t matter if the bill is $300 or $1,000. The ball’s in your court.

So… what’ll it be?


You get the best of both worlds with a’Mare at Crown Sydney — Australia’s world-class produce meets classic Italian cuisine, elevated to the nth degree.

It’s not just food on a plate. It’s nostalgic storytelling informed by the memories of acclaimed chef Alessandro Pavoni. And how can you look past the iconically theatric Trofie pesto dish made for you right at the table?


Given Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s international reputation, Nobu at Crown Sydney almost doesn’t require any further introductions.

But for the sake of the uninitiated, all you need to know is you’re in for Japanese sophistication reimagined with a passionate Peruvian influence. This is a masterclass in fusion, and their lunch-only bento boxes are serious value.


If your desires lean more on the carnivorous side with a touch of elemental rustic, there probably isn’t a better place to get your surf + turf fix in Barangaroo than Woodcut at Crown Sydney.

Set against a classic “business lunch” setting that marries Sydney water views with deliciously modern architecture, BH can personally vouch for the Butcher’s cut ribeye and the gloriously marinated kingfish sashimi.


Nothing is more comforting than well-executed Cantonese fare, and when it comes to Cantonese dining, Silks at Crown Sydney is the place for authenticity and refined elegance.

Aside from the seasonal specialties that honour the Chinese culture, lunch services here also offer a well-rounded Yum Cha menu. How good.

The competition runs from July 3 to July 28 inclusive. Terms and Conditions for this promotion can be found here.

This article is sponsored by Crown Sydney. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Boss Hunting.

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