The 19 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants In Sydney For 2024
— Updated on 29 December 2023

The 19 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants In Sydney For 2024

— Updated on 29 December 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Walk into any of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Sydney and the sensual slap of delectable meats will hit your nose almost immediately. The waft of top-grade wagyu sizzling on grills, the sight of seafood pancakes being torn haphazardly and shared between groups, soju caps being aggressively flicked as per Korea’s best known drinking game.

And don’t forget the chatter – Korean BBQ restaurants (commonly shortened as KBBQ) are notoriously loud and much rowdier than your typical restaurant.

It’s my personal favourite group dining experience. And there’s really nothing else like sitting around a grill with a group of mates, playing Korean drinking games and constantly flipping through various premium cuts of meat and grilled vegetables.

Below you’ll find the top picks chosen by both myself and the wider Boss Hunting team.

Note that this list is not ranked.

Best Korean Barbecue In Sydney

1. 789 Korean BBQ, Darling Square

The same group behind one of Sydney’s most popular Korean BBQ restaurants, 678 Kanghodong Baekjeong, has opened a more modern extension in Darling Square simply titled 789. And while the lighter, more expensive interior may look overly ambitious at first, things are still very much the same across both venues.

That is, the team is steadfast in sourcing the best meat available. It’s all about quality here, so options like oyster blade and beef rib are absolute essentials. I did find the seafood pancake to be a bit too light and eggy, where it should be dense and crispy, but there’s not much I could find fault with on my visit.

The service is a step above what I’d usually expect at a Korean BBQ restaurant as well. There’s a higher staff-to-guest ratio, so I’d say go in expecting to be taken care of. They’ll even cook for you if you want, but that takes away all the fun. 

Office workers in the area should also pay attention. Unlike the original, 789 also offers lunch bento boxes in case you don’t have time to sit there and grill your meats yourself.

2. Soot BBQ, Barangaroo

The 18 Best Korean Barbecue Restaurants In Sydney For 2023
(Photo by SOOT)

While most of the Korean BBQ restaurants you’ll find across Sydney stick to the rustic aesthetic, SOOT is decidedly modern. David Bae’s Kolture, Sydney’s new Korean-focused hospitality group, is behind this expensive space which fits right into the swanky surroundings of Barangaroo.

I recently saw these modern Korean BBQ restaurants all across New York City; it’s a bit of a trend over there. But this is really the first time Sydney has seen such a thing. That doesn’t mean the menu is entirely different; you’ll get the expected cuts of meats like high-quality Wagyu and oyster blade steak, although surprisingly there’s also everything from oysters to wagyu tartare.

3. Seoul-Ria, Haymarket

(Photo by Seoul-Ria)

Seoul-Ria is an all-rounder when it comes to comfort Korean food with the kitchen just as well known for its gluttonous melted cheese and ‘fire chicken’ platter as it is for premium cuts of raw meat. It’s probably the Korean BBQ I’ve visited the most in Sydney.

Along with 678 Korean BBQ (also on this list) Seoul-Ria is part of Chinatown’s thick density of quality Korean barbecue restaurants. Queues are expected, but there are so many seats packed into Seoul-Ria that the wait is rarely ever longer than 10-15 minutes.

4. 678 Kanghodong Baekjeong, Haymarket

Many different types of food on a table
(Photo by 678)

678 is one of Sydney’s only Korean BBQ restaurants that makes all its banchan in-house. Most of the meat here has a high marbling score and is sourced from some of Australia’s best producers such as Jack’s Creek, maintaining the focus on quality and consistency.

Although that’s about it. The downside with 678 is you won’t get that kind of extensive list as you would at Seoul-Ria. So it’s less about the Korean fried chicken here than it is about premium-grade cuts.

5. Yang San Park, Sydney CBD

(Photo by Yang San Park)

Located on Sydney’s Dixon Street, this popular Korean BBQ restaurant is invariably one of the busiest restaurants in the area. That’s no surprise given the popularity is consistently met with a great selection offering some of the best cuts of delicious meat for the table plus a few Korean comfort dishes to truly show off how tempting this cuisine can be.

6. Jang Ta Bal, Strathfield

(Photo by Jang Ta Bal)

With three locations – Haymarket, Strathfield and Campsie – Jang Ta Bal is a success story amongst local Korean barbecue fans. Like many of the other Korean restaurants on this list, the experience here is a bit more upbeat and vibrant than your typical casual dining.

I’m a regular at the Strathfield venue and find it’s one of the better Korean BBQ spots in the area. And while some nearby alternatives may have bigger menus, this kitchen is pumping out much better quality meats.

7. MyungJang Obaltan, Sydney CBD

A close up of food on a table
(Photo by MyungJang Obaltan)

MyungJang Obaltan is an easy pick for Korean BBQ in the city. Every detail of the experience is perfect, from the immaculately clean grill plates to the delicious rounds of banchan.

Along with food like garlic butter king prawns and marinated bulgogi beef hot pots, grab raw meats to grill like pork belly, wagyu tenderloin, premium wagyu brisket and more. A great variety is why many would choose Obaltan over some of the other Korean BBQ joints nearby.

8. Gyeong Bok Gung Korean, West Ryde

A woman preparing food in a pan
(Photo by Gyeong Bok Gung Korean)

There is a strong case for Gyeong Bok Gunk being the single best Korean BBQ restaurant in Sydney.

Head into West Ryde to find Gyeong Bok Gung; it’s well worth the trip out of Sydney CBD. Restaurant staff bring out around 12 different types of banchan to the table, ranging from kimchi, a bean dish, and pickled shallots, to sweet potato noodles and pickled cucumber and other staples.

Gyeon Bok Gung has one of the more generous banchan offerings of any Korean BBQ in Sydney, and that’s even before the platters of delicious meats start coming through, which for the adventurous will usually include a few off-centre cuts along with essentials like ox tongue and exceptionally marbled beef.

9. Mapo Galbi, West Ryde

A plate of food on a table
(Photo by Mapo Galbi)

Another notch in the belt for West Ryde. Mapo Galbi may be smaller than most other Korean BBQ restaurants, but the space is so energetic and popular that it feels much larger than any of the other competitors nearby.

10. Won Jo Korean BBQ, Strathfield

A bunch of different types of food on a table
(Photo by Won Jo BBQ)

Strathfield and West Ryde are forever in competition when it comes to the best Korean BBQ restaurants outside of Sydney CBD. Most Korean BBQ fans would say West Ryde has this in the bag easily, and if it wasn’t for Wo Jo Korean BBQ I’d be inclined to agree.

Just a short walk from Strathfield Station, Won Jo Korean BBQ offers plenty of value, mostly found in the $175 Set A with 5 premium cuts of meat served with a hot pot (of your choice), seafood pancake, sweet potato noodle beef salad and a jug of soft drink.

11. KOGI Korean BBQ, Haymarket

A close up of a piece of cake on a plate
(Photo by KOGI)

Found within Market City, KOGI is one of the more contemporary and accessible Korean BBQ restaurants in Sydney you can subscribe to. For starters, it’s one of the few Sydney Korean BBQ restaurants that actually has its own dedicated website as opposed to a neglected Instagram page.

Along with the requisite steamed rice, noodles and slightly spicy kimchi, grab some top-quality beef ribs, bulgogi and marinated pork if you want the standard meal sitting on your table ready for you to cook, charcoal and taste.

12. Danjee, Sydney CBD

A tray of food
(Photo by Danjee)

Danjee is a bit more premium when it comes to authentic KBBQ food. As such, the prices are a bit higher but the quality is there to justify the hike, from duck and octopus to classic beef and pork cuts. Just make sure to always keep the banchan rolling out, since Danjee is quite well-known for its delicious side dishes.

13. Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant, Haymarket

(Photo by Bornga)

The atmosphere and service of Bornga is loud, exciting and incredibly addictive for group dining. The thinly sliced beef loin is a signature for the studious kitchen so make sure you’re ordering some of that alongside high-marbled cuts of wagyu and pork.

14. Wagyu House, Croydon

Wagyu House in Croydon is a top pick for Korean BBQ in Sydney
(Photo by Wagyu House)

If you find yourself looking for Korean BBQ in Croydon there really is only one smart choice: Wagyu House. Many from all over Sydney come here for the all-you-can-eat buffet and barbecue, taking a lot of choice anxiety out of the equation and giving you two full hours to grill, sizzle and dip for just under $40.

That’s a bargain by any measure. So while you might not get the top cuts as you would at some of these other Korean BBQ restaurants, you’ll definitely be left satisfied.

15. Maroo Korean Charcoal Restaurant, West Ryde

(Photo by Maroo Korean Charcoal Restaurant)

Korean rice paper rolls at Maroo Korean Charcoal Restaurant are almost just as popular as the very generous $60 combo, which nets you ox tongue, skirt steak, soy-marinated pork neck, a small octopus and some mussels.

Just don’t fill up on the banchan here. Maroo’s kitchen is quite generous when it comes to these Korean start dishes, so it’s easy to get carried away before the meat even arrives.

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16. Butchers Buffet, Haymarket

A bunch of food on a table
(Photo by Butchers Buffet)

As the name suggests, the concept of Butchers Buffet is similar to that of Wagyu House. Although it seems this business, which has three locations in Sydney, Strathfield, Haymarket and Eastwood, has an even larger range of great quality meats to choose from alongside a buffet packed with salads, banchan, noodles and plenty of different sauces.

17. Kangnam BBQ, Hornsby

A plate of food
(Photo by Kangnam)

It’s all about that pork belly served with matured kimchi for a brilliant pop of sour and spicy fat. That’s the most popular order over at Kangnam BBQ, which otherwise plays very much like your typical Korean BBQ restaurant: reliably high in energy and immensely satisfying.

18. BBQ City Buffet, Bankstown

Many different types of food on a table
(Photo by BBQ City Buffet)

You’re going to want to head all the way out of Bankstown for BBQ City Buffet, which is often referred to as the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Western Sydney. While you do have some other great options further in Cabramatta like Ilchea Korean BBQ Buffet, it’s hard to go any further than this joint right here.

Why? Generosity. BBQ City Buffet is reasonably priced, and almost always packed with energy and you won’t walk away feeling like you’ve been short-changed. Plus, you can go to watch a film at nearby Skyline Drive In Bankstown afterwards.

19. K-Town Korean BBQ House, Neutral Bay

A close up of a plate of food
(Photo by K-Town Korean BBQ House)

A lot of Korean BBQ joints over the bridge aren’t as good as what you’d find elsewhere in Sydney but K-Town Korean BBQ House is an easy exception. Young Street in Neutral Bay has almost all of North Sydney’s best casual Asian restaurants, so of course the strip’s resident KBBQ needs to be held to a high standard.

How Boss Hunting Chose The Best Korean BBQ In Sydney

The Boss Hunting office is located in Surry Hills, which is very close to Sydney CBD and Haymarket where many of the best Korean Barbecue restaurants are located. It’s very easy for us to head on out for a night with friends at these KBBQ restaurants and experience them for ourselves. We also pay close attention to other expert food critics and online reviews.

We take into consideration various factors such as taste, range of dishes, price points, opening times and atmosphere when deciding on the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Sydney. We also value location, choosing to highlight a lot of authentic KBBQ spots in suburbs like Strathfield, Bankstown, Hornsby and Neutral Bay.

For more information on how we put together these food lists please read our editorial policy.

How To Do Korean BBQ The Right Way

The highly social atmosphere of a Korean BBQ is as definitive as the dining experience itself. You and your mates sit down at a table, the attendant fires up the grill (or portable stove) that’s been built into the centre, and you start firing off the typical order: wagyu (and lots of it), oyster blade, beef short ribs and other meat cuts, plus seafood pancakes, some Korean fried chicken, thinly sliced ox tongue and the first of many, many bottles of soju.

Unlike most of these “best of” round-ups, you won’t find the best-rated Korean BBQ restaurants clustered around the city. You’d need to zip around Sydney if you want to tour the top-tier from West Ryde and Strathfield to Blacktown.

First off, before you even get your order of thinly sliced meats and sides like Korean dumplings and seafood pancakes, you’ll get several small plates of Korean side dishes known as banchan. These are small bowls of supporting acts that enhance flavours or add texture such as kimchi, cold noodles and sweet potato salad. After your order arrives, simply grill the meat and flip only once, you want as much of that fatty flavour and bouncy texture as possible.

The art of Korean BBQ is to experiment with different meats and dipping sauces, as most of the flavour will come from the combination of fat, marinade and said sauces. Plus, you’ve got a bit of texture and variety with the banchan and whatever other Korean side dishes you’ve ordered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

korean bbq in sydney

Where is the best Korean BBQ in Sydney CBD?

The best Korean BBQ in Sydney CBD is 678 followed by Seoul-Ria and MyungJang Obaltan.

What should I order at Korean BBQ?

Wait for your number of free banchan (side dishes) to come and then order up marinated galbi beef, seafood pancakes, Korean fried chicken, ribs, and traditional Tteok-bokki, and of course some steamed rice and sauce. Order up some raw meats like pork belly, oyster blade and brisket. Then simply enjoy.

Where is Little Korea in Sydney?

Strathfield and West Ryde are commonly referred to as Little Korea due to the density of Korean restaurants, whether they specialise in Korean fried chicken or Korean BBQ.

What is Korean Barbecue?

Korean Barbecue, or KBBQ, is a very specific dining experience where marinated raw meats are cooked by diners over a hot grill built into the centre of the table. Various sides, banchan and other dishes like seafood pancakes and Korean fried chicken typically complement the meats.

What is special about Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ is a unique experience when it comes to dining out in Sydney. You are essentially cooking your own meats and therefore have more control over your lunch or dinner.

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