Joe Rogan: 4 Exercises To Give You A “Ferocious” Workout

Testosterone replacement therapy, Mexican supplements, and DMT aside – yes, I’ve read your comments from our previous Joe Rogan fitness posts – the world’s most prolific podcaster and UFC colour commentator has a pretty commendable health + fitness routine. Commendable enough that his word has a fair amount of credence (but still worth taking with a grain of salt every now and then). Without further ado – as per the expertise of Joe Rogan – here are 4 exercises that are dead easy to accomplish and likely to give you a “ferocious” workout.

Change Grip Push-Ups


Bodyweight Squats


While this exercise was omitted from the primary clip above, it was discussed in the same podcast episode. It’s also pretty self-explanatory, hence the lack of accompanying tutorial clip. But if you want some pro tips from someone like, say, former Nike running coach Matty Abel – be sure to visit our article on 5 key running tips & sessions to improve your running speed + efficiency.

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