NSW Gyms Will Be Allowed To Open From June 13

As the curve continues to flatten, it has just been announced that NSW gyms will be allowed to open from June 13th by the state’s Deputy Premier РJohn Barilaro.

Indoor fitness activities such as group training sessions, classes, and so forth will also be permitted – but with a maximum attendance of 10 people in each session/class/so forth; and a maximum of 100 people per venue.

“There’s a lot of people desperate to get back in there and the [Deputy Premier] and I are just desperate to get back into the gymnasiums,” says NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

Similar to pubs and clubs, all NSW gyms and/or relevant fitness facilities will be required to sign in guests in an effort to assist with tracking potential COVID-19 occurrences. There will also be a four-square-metre rule enforced.

In terms of community sports and local competitions, at this point in time, July 1st is when everything is scheduled to kick-off for those who are 18 years and younger. As for everyone else, an official date has not been publicly discussed, but this does bode well for progress.

On a side note, June 13th falls on a Saturday. So you have virtually no excuse to drop the at-home callisthenics and actually start getting ripped for 2020.