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Ex-CIA Officers Reveal 5 Signs You’ve Caught Someone In A Lie

Words may deceive – but body language will always give you away.

The Psychological Trick To Making People Like You (Even If They Don’t Want To)

Haters gonna hate. Until you’re done going through with them.

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The 101 Funniest Nicknames To Put Your Mate Back In His Place

Keep ’em in line with this arsenal of word bullets.

Ashley Madison Releases A Fascinating Report On Female Sexuality & Cheating Habits

Over 2,000 married women were surveyed from Australia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, & UK.

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Flushed With Rage: The DO’s And Definite DON’Ts Of Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

It’s a total shitshow.


10 Flogs You’ll Only Meet On A Bucks Weekend

Every bucks party hosts the same cast of rotten characters.

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Swiping Tips For Singles This Valentine’s Day

Cover all bases and adhere to the points herein.

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20 Gifts For Your Girlfriend That Will Go Down A Treat This Valentine’s Day

The countdown is on.

A Girl’s Group Chat Tells Us What Not To Wear On A First Date

Wear any of these items and you won’t get a second.

A Modern Man’s Guide To The Five ‘Love Languages’

Totally underrated ways to escape the doghouse, now and forever

7 Common Traits Scientifically Proven To Make You Less Attractive

7 Common Traits Scientifically Proven To Make You Less Attractive

The jig is up, fellas. Time to shape up or ship the fuck out.

5 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do (According To A Psychotherapist)

Onwards and upwards.