Queensland Blokes Get Legally Married To Have A Party With 100 Mates

Queensland Blokes Get Legally Married To Have A Party With 100 Mates

At the time of this writing, Queensland social distancing measures dictate that only “a maximum of 40 people can gather publicly in a non-restricted area“. That is, of course, with some key exceptions. Like the sacred union of two star-crossed lovers – or very close mates – in which case the party allowance is bumped all the way up to 100.

As “reported” by the very finest source of domestic journalism/gatekeepers of true-blue Aussie culture – Brown Cardigan – two blokes decided to circumnavigate the regulations by suiting up and entering a legal marriage with a witness, vows, the whole nine yards… just so they could party with up to 100 of their mates. Or at least that’s the story we’re being sold in the Snapchat.

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Charming and hilarious as this may be, a Queensland wedding (sincere or otherwise) must still adhere to the COVID Safe Plan. Social distancing applies all the same, for one. Remaining seated during the dining portion of the evening is something else to keep in mind. Although I doubt there’d be much consumption of actual food.

And the real kicker: wedding ceremonies performed at a private residence limits attendance to the regular 40 count – meaning our innovative Queensland blokes need to fork out for an actual venue if they want to dance poorly while Mr Brightside by The Killers crackles on UE Boom speaker (stereotypes exist for a reason).

Anything for the sesh.