The $20,000 Gold PS4 Controller Is For The Geek Who Has Everything

Luxury tech designer Brikk has dropped a gold version of Sony‘s PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller. 

The deluxe gold PS4 controller is coated in 24K yellow gold and boasts a triple layer of clear veneer to safeguard the metal. Players will experience nine solid gold 18k buttons which are completed with conflict-free diamonds that total 2.20 carats.

There’s also a plastic, cheaper version of the gold PS4 controller that is 18K gold and is sprinkled with seven diamonds worth 0.25 carats. Customers also have the options for customisable titanium or platinum controllers, as well as emeralds, sapphires or rubies to swap out the diamonds.

The classic version costs $12,000 AUD and the diamond-heavy deluxe version will set you back a staggering $19,700 AUD.

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