This $4,000 Solar Powered iPhone X Will Be Sent To Elon Musk

Russian accessories maker, Caviar, has just revealed one of the most expensive iPhones on the market. One that can be powered via solar battery, plated in carbon and gold, as well as coming with quite the good looking wooden carry case. Dubbed the iPhone X Tesla, it will have a starting price of more than $4,000 USD ($4,064 USD for 64 GB, $4,847 USD for 256 GB)– and the first one will be sent to Elon Musk himself.

Caviar is a company renowned for its elaborate and expensive custom jobs. And the iPhone X Tesla is no different. This isn’t a standalone case, this is a direct and built in addition to your vanilla iPhone X. This altered casing will obviously harness solar energy in order to charge up the battery. But wait, there’s more, as Caviar states that you can charge it up with either the sun… or bright lamps. A nifty bit of utility for those who live in drearier countries.

There are obviously sacrifices that had to be made to accommodate for the sustainable extravagance. In the way of dimensions. This customisation makes the iPhone X “… considerably thicker…”, up-sizing the original 7.7 mm to a hefty 16.2 mm. A fairly even trade up in my opinion. 

Initially, Caviar only intended to make ninety-nine devices available for purchase in the world. Now, they’ve shown some generosity by bumping that figure up to nine hundred and ninety. On the subject of generosity, they will in fact be shipped to you free of charge, and you apparently won’t have to pay for it until it has “… undergone a detailed inspection…”. 

The company expect this pocket sized custom job to be in the hands of “… the astronauts, pioneers, [and] people who make great discoveries on the edge of human capabilities.” Fair enough.

Check out the fully gallery above.

Find out more, and maybe get your very own iPhone Tesla X here at Caviar’s site.