Bloke Loses Weight And Goes From Selling Insurance To Modelling

Bloke Loses Weight And Goes From Selling Insurance To Modelling

Many of us look back at old photos and think, “Thank the gods for the glow-up.” But this one bloke took matters within his own hands, to incredible results. This is the story of how an overweight insurance salesman went from hating life to becoming an international model living it up.

Gwilym Pugh of the UK spent his days behind a desk. “Unhappy with his quality of life…”, he decided to make a push to better himself. “Plagued with injuries…” and unwilling to get out of bed, he made a move to exercise more and eat healthier. 

Eventually, as he began to slim down (some forty pounds of shedding), Pugh regained some enthusiasm about himself. He followed his passions. He began playing in a band. Then one fateful barbershop visit, it was suggested that he should grow out his beard. That’s when things really took off.

Documenting his beard growth on Instagram was how the spotlight found young Pugh. Photographers and influencers took notice of his account. His image was even featured in a book about beards. It wasn’t long before he was scouted by London-based modelling agency, AMCK.

Nowadays, Pugh is a working international model. He has appeared in the likes of GQ, hit the runway for Fashion week, and is even an ambassador for David Beckham’s House 999 project. 

From days of paperwork to jetsetting and exploring. Hats off to the firebeard himself.