The 5 Best Boxing Gyms In Sydney

Evolution has done very little to shift us away from wanting to throw hands. Why else do we still get swept up by the hype of your McGregors and Mayweathers? The only key difference now is that we stop for a minute more to consider if our dental plan will cover where our flight/fight instinct will take us.

Recreational combat programs these days are a dime a dozen. But for every OG sweat hall, there are ten schools in its wake. Schools tethered to tradition in a bad way and waste previous hours with BS posturing.

Pro-tip: real combat training is ego breaking, and teaches you humility in defeat early– that’s what you should look for. So how does one discern the real deal from the coloured belt factories?

This list is for those who want to fight within a safe and controlled environment. Here’s our pick of the five best boxing gyms in Sydney.

Ultimate Fitness Centre

Sydney CBD
Membership: $60/week (Premium)
Level(s): Caters for allĀ 
You’re probably wondering why this gym is so pricey. That’s because in addition to being a full-blown boxing training facility, it’s a full-blown combat training facility. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Krav Maga, you can become a truly complete fighter here. Twenty plus classes, sparring included. Not to mention the personal trainers and fitness conditioning. All things considered, $60 is a bargain.

Body Punch Boxing Gym


Membership: $150/month (Advanced), $100/month (Beginners)
Level(s): Caters for all (strict segregation of skill levels)
In addition to being run by the championship winning Hussein brothers, this gym’s claim to fame is the fact that they have produced numerous champion boxers. Nothing says legit like irrefutable results. The fitness options ain’t half bad either.

Boxing Works

Surry Hills
$88/fortnight (direct debit), $500/three months (paid in advance, $850/six months (paid in advance)
Level(s): Caters for all
Boxing Works has made a reputation for itself as sort of the McDonalds of fight/boxing gyms. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just they have locations in several locations and house a full menu of classes from striking to grappling. Don’t be fooled. This 16 oz gloved Maccas will still put you to the test.

SRG Thai Boxing Gym

Membership: $45/week
Level(s): Caters for all
Authentic (read: painful) training techniques here. While all combat training is a transformation of body+mind, this one has a slightly heavier emphasis on both. Being steeped in some tradition, but not in the hokey kind of way I was slagging off faux-Miyagi schools before, training here is also an exercise of cultural appreciation.



Level(s): Caters for all
Another all-rounder combat gym with a full-range of specialised classes and fitness conditioning. This one is worth a look, if not for the expertise, then for the relatively reasonable pricing.
(Excuse the cheesy promo video.)

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