The 9 Best Gyms In Sydney To Tighten Your Sloppy Rig
— Updated on 2 April 2024

The 9 Best Gyms In Sydney To Tighten Your Sloppy Rig

— Updated on 2 April 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

New year, new you.

Or rather, you’ve been the old you for so long that you’re now in need of a hundred-point restoration. Hence why you’re now here: searching for the best gyms in Sydney to lift tin, burn fat, and make Chris Bumstead-level gains.

Here are the best gyms Sydney has to offer.

BH’s Picks For The 9 Best Gyms In Sydney [2023]

98 Gym, Formerly 98 Riley Street (Darlinghurst)

The 9 Best Gyms In Sydney To Tighten Your Sloppy Rig - 98 Gym (Riley St, Darlinghurst)

At 98, we always want more from our performance — both physically and mentally. We know that the way we approach our time in the gym will translate to the way we approach every aspect of our lives.

Under pressure, we’ll only ever be as good as our training. That’s why we train so hard. We build resilience.

Team 98 consist of trainers from a range of backgrounds including former elite athletes, members of the defence force, and more.

The first and original site of the 98 Gym empire, and former stomping grounds of Kev Toonen (see: bottom of this article).

As a member of 98 Darlinghurst, 98 Bondi, 98 Melbourne, or 98 Brisbane, you’re eligible for a 50% discount on casual visits and 10 class passes at the respective gyms. You’ll also receive the discount code in your welcome email, which can be used at purchase.

98 Darlinghurst hosts a quarterly “All In” workout where members of all 98 Gyms will be invited to participate in a Game Day session at one of the 98 locations free of charge.


  • Smartphone entry system
  • Wide range of cutting-edge Rogue Strength & Conditioning equipment
  • The latest range of Concept2 Ski Ergs, Rowers, & Bike Ergs
  • 2 x group training areas
  • 400 sqm of open-plan gym space
  • Bathroom Amenities exclusively provided by Daily Naturals

Address: 98 Riley St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone: 1300 280 289
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (7:30 AM — 7 PM), Weekends (6:30 AM — 7 PM)
Free Trial: Yes
Weekly Membership Cost: $89.95 (All Access), $79.95 (Class Membership), $64.95 (Off Peak Membership), $44.95 (Part-Time Membership), $39.95 (Open Gym Access)

City Gym (Darlinghurst)

Sydney’s iconic City Gum officially opened its doors in 1978 to a burgeoning fitness and bodybuilding industry. 1978 was an equally auspicious year for the Australian community, marking the year of the first Sydney Mardi Gras Parade.

Thanks to co-founder Bill Moore, what evolved was an all-inclusive social space, a meeting place for all demographics, cultural diversities, sexualities, and gender identities.

It was at City Gym where our innovative aerobics classes set a universal standard — doing it “Oz Style” with group fitness gurus like television personality June Jones.

In 2020, City Gym experienced a facelift where we spent seven months and $1.5 million dollars to upgrade it to the luxury world-class gym that it is today. Each level boasts brand-new equipment and 5-star hotel-like interiors. Our legendary fitness club provides members with an inviting and exhilarating fitness experience that’s truly unrivalled.


  • Weights floor
  • Cardio theatre
  • Functional training studio
  • Boxing gym
  • Wellness studio (yoga, pilates, & meditation)
  • Eatery (in-house health food cafe & shake bar)
  • Steam room + sauna + spa
  • Massage rooms
  • Consultation room
  • Recovery cool room & InfraRed saunas (coming soon)

Address: 107 Crown St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone: 9360 6247
Opening Hours: Monday (4 AM — 12 AM), Tuesday to Thursday (24 Hours), Friday (6 AM — 12 AM), Saturday (5 AM — 10 PM), Sunday (6 AM — 10 PM)
Free Trial: Yes
Weekly Membership Cost: $29.95 (Unlimited Classes)

BeFit Training (Double Bay)

It’s an environment that will push limits, test your mental stamina and leave you walking out the door feeling accomplished and craving more. A fitness experience that is personalised and inclusive. Training that will change you.

Our programming is designed to build strong, resilient humans who feel good and move well. We never purely focus on any one area of fitness at a time, pushing the boundaries of strength and conditioning to build individuals who are fit, strong, and ready for anything.

That’s why we break up our programming into blocks. To give you the best chance to maximise your output, recover well, and achieve results you’ve never experienced before.

Each phase consists of a central focus that shifts from Power, Strength, Metabolic Conditioning, and Endurance week-to-week to ensure we’re developing your fitness across all energy systems.


  • Open-plan gym floor with a functional training area, the latest in modern equipment, cardio machines, & free weights

Address: Shop 1/377 New South Head Rd, Double Bay NSW 2028
Phone: N/A
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (5 AM — 7 PM), Friday (5 AM — 6 PM), Saturday (7 AM — 9 AM), Sunday (Closed)
Free Trial: No (Discounted 7-Day Trial for $25 + Free Classes on Saturdays @7 AM)
Weekly Membership Cost: $79.95 (Full-Time Membership), $69.95 (Full-Time Membership | Off Peak), $49.95 (Part-Time Membership)

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The Sporting Club of Sydney (Moore Park)

BH explainer: quite possibly the greatest gym not just in Sydney, but Australia.


  • Premium entrance with reception & lounge area
  • Two squash courts
  • Weights, cardio, functional training gymnasiums
  • Group training rooms for yoga, cycle, & cardio classes
  • Café with indoor & outdoor dining
  • Fitness assessment rooms
  • Virtual golf studio
  • 25-metre indoor heated pool 
  • 50-metre heated outdoor pool with bookable pool cabanas
  • Childminding
  • Day spa with four treatment rooms
  • Hot spa, cold plunge pool, infrared sauna, traditional sauna, & steam rooms

Address: Sydney Cricket Ground (40/44 Driver Ave, Moore Park NSW 2021)
Phone: 9380 0102
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (5:30 AM — 10 PM), Friday (5:30 AM — 8 PM), Saturday (6 AM — 8 PM), Sunday (7 AM — 8 PM)
Free Trial: No
Cost: $5,000 annually for two people (currently sold out, est. six-month waiting list for a gym membership)

UBX, Formerly 12RND Fitness (Franchise)

UBX [pronounced you-box] delivers a unique mix of boxing and strength training across a 12-round circuit in under 45 minutes.

We started UBX with one aim in mind: to give everyone the opportunity to train like a boxer. Our success has come from our ability to rethink boxing and rethink group training in a way that gives our members access to a unique mix of boxing and strength training in an ultra-flexible format that removes class timetables and bookings altogether. We like to think that we’re everything a traditional gym is not: fun, flexible, addictive and inclusive.

Our training methodology was inspired by our co-founder and four-time world champion boxer, Danny Green, who uses a combination of boxing skills and drills, high impact, explosive training, and functional strength to stay at his peak.

Our workout consists of 12 rounds of boxing and strength training. Six of the rounds include boxing exercises, whether that’s bagwork or one-on-one padwork with a coach. The other six rounds include a combination of functional strength, cardio, and conditioning movements.

During a workout, you get one-on-one time with our coaches/personal trainers to work on form, technique, and do padwork. We use thousands of exercises in unlimited combinations to provide a new workout every day.


  • Open-plan boxing gym floor with the latest in modern equipment & free weights

Address: Various
Phone: N/A
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (6 AM — 10 AM, 3:30 PM — 7:30 PM), Friday (6 AM — 10 AM), Saturday (7 AM — 11 AM), Sunday (Closed)
Free Trial: Yes
Weekly Membership Cost: $75 (Flexi Starter), $65 (Committed Results), $55 (Super Saver)

Creature Fitness (Bondi Junction)

To help everyday athletes get the most out of their training. We deliver personalised training sessions guided by certified coaches to get our clients into incredible shape and have fun too.

We have a saying at Creature: “What gets hot fast gets cold fast.” We ensure our training and nutrition prescriptions can be maintained for years not weeks.

Random training delivers random results. We ensure your training and nutrition plan gets the results YOU desire.


  • Open-plan gym floor with a functional training area, the latest in modern equipment, cardio machines, & free weights

Address: Level 1/420-422 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Phone: 0433 944 438
Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday (5:30 AM — 6:30 PM), Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (5:30 AM — 7:30 PM), Saturday (7 AM — 10 AM), Sunday (Closed)
Free Trial: Yes
Weekly Membership Cost: Enquiry Only (packages range from Recruit, Operator, Executive, to Black)

Anytime Fitness (Franchise)

Life will tell you to play by “the rules” — that you should fit in, try harder, bulk up or slim down. But should you listen? No way. Anytime Fitness believes when it comes to your health, you make the rules – and we’ll support you every step of the way. That’s why we’re the gym for anybody, any time.


  • Gym floor packed with latest functional training equipment, free weights, pin-loaded weights, Olympic lifting platforms, & traditional cardio equipment brands
  • Dedicated studio areas for group exercise classes & small group training included

Address: Various
Phone: Various
Opening Hours: 24/7
Free Trial: Yes
Weekly Membership Cost: $19.95 (Sydney/ACT Metropolitan Clubs), $18.95 (Metropolitan Clubs), $17.95 (Regional Clubs)

Fitness First (Franchise)

Why Fitness First?

Variety of classes — discover what you’re capable of. Expert personal trainers — keep you motivated to stay on track. 24/7 access — time for yourself when it suits you.

Put yourself first.


  • Gym floor packed with latest functional training equipment, free weights, pin-loaded weights, Olympic lifting platforms, & traditional cardio equipment brands
  • Dedicated studio areas for group exercise classes & small group training included

Address: Various
Phone: Various
Opening Hours: Various, certain locations with 24/7 access
Free Trial: Yes
Weekly Membership Cost: $54.99 (Black Label), $35.99 (Titanium), $32.99 (Platinum Plus), $28.99 (Platinum), $16.99 (Passport), $15.99 (Home)

Virgin Active (Franchise)

At Virgin Active, we do health and fitness differently. We have expertly crafted exercise experiences that are the perfect blend of intelligent programming and feel-good movement. We’ve got everything from Yoga to HIIT, so you can move your body any way you want.​

1 x free personal training session (the rest paid)


  • Premium gym floor
  • Pool, spa, & sauna
  • Climbing wall
  • Sleep pods
  • Luxe change rooms
  • Cafe & business lounge
  • Creche
  • Multiple studios hosting 100-300+ gym classes per week (yoga, boxing, reformer pilates, cycle, grid training, BodyPump)

**Note: Club features may vary depending on Sydney location

Address: Various
Phone: Various
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (5:30 AM — 10 PM), Friday (5:30 AM — 9 PM), Weekends & Public Holidays (7 AM — 7 PM)
Free Trial: Yes
Weekly Membership Cost: $55-70 (The Goal Getter), $45-$55 (The Long Termer)

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Why You Should Work Out

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or up that horrendous cardio, ultimately, your fitness goals should always be health-oriented.

“Aesthetics should have nothing to do with it because we know if you eat well, sleep well, and train right – aesthetics will just come. That’s just a by-product of good training,” former SASR performance coach and Strength Elite‘s Kevin Toonen previously told BH.

“We’re talking about getting stronger so you can complete a task with the most amount of ease.”

The 9 Best Gyms In Sydney To Tighten Your Sloppy Rig - Kev Toonen

Toonen had an entire myriad of concepts to offer when it came to fitness philosophy. But here’s what he believes everyone needs to hear first and foremost:

  • Consistency is key. We talk about shifting dirt, basically. Some days you’ll shift a lot. Some days you’ll shift a little. Some days it’s easy. Some days it’s hard. You want to make sure you shift a certain amount of dirt over a period of time. As opposed to going really hard for two weeks, and then letting it go. With consistency comes discipline as well.”
  • “The three indicators of mortality are grip strength, leg strength, and foot speed… Speed and strength training seems to be better for your ligaments, better for your tendons, your bone density, your overall health. If you can’t grip something – it doesn’t matter how strong you are.”
  • Always go with intent. Know what you’re going to do. Know what outcomes you’re supposed to have in the end.”

The Importance of Good Nutrition

Abs are made in the gym and the kitchen. Much of the end result starts with what you put in your body on a day-to-day basis. 

“Correct nutrition is critical for not only overall fitness but also for performance, recovery, preventing injury and illness, as well as improving body composition,” explained Stephanie Gobbo, clinical nutritionist and naturopath (BHSc) at Willow Urban Retreat.

“You need an adequate amount of daily protein consumed through your daily diet in order to develop good quality muscle mass. The type of protein you chose to eat can also determine your energy levels and inflammation levels.”

Of course, it’s easy to get swept up in the seemingly endless stream of new diets these days that all impossibly purport to deliver “guaranteed results.” So just how do you decide what diet to go with? 

“Three modern diets discussed a lot are the Paleo Diet, the Vegan Diet, and the Keto Diet. All three contradict each other in regards to their nutritional guidelines. However, each has proven scientific benefits if adhered to in the correct way to develop muscle mass and improve fitness.”

“Many elite athletes are now sourcing their protein from plant bases which are just as effective for developing muscle mass as animal protein and in many cases, less inflammatory to the body.”

“The type of diet you should be following is determined by the definition of the physical activity you are doing. Aerobic or endurance exercise has a very different diet plan and nutritional needs compared with strictly strength and weight training.”

In terms of general dietary prescriptions for those looking to sculpt the best version of themselves from the current block of marble, here are three key pieces of advice Gobbo recommends:

  • “The forty-five minutes post-exercise is the most important nutritional time of the day. This is when we want to enhance glycogen recovery, rebalance electrolytes, and include protein for muscle recovery.”
  • “The top diet barriers for toning the body are refined sugars, excess table salt, fast food, excess alcohol, and excess caffeine. Try to limit these for the best success.”
  • “If you are not getting your desired results, it’s a good idea to see a nutritionist to create a diet plan for you. Nutritionists can also recommend cleaner protein powders or performance supplements that aren’t filled with additives, hidden sugars, fillers, and flavourings.”

Boutique Gym vs Big Box Gym

Boutique gyms are smaller operations that typically focuses on a specific type of workout or fitness program, i.e. yoga, cycling, boxing, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

The equipment and facilities in a boutique gym are often tailored to the “theme.” Classes are usually smaller and more personalised with better individual attention from the trainers.

The trade-off is a higher price point than big box gyms due to the specialised focus and personalised experience.

Big box gyms, on the other hand, are larger facilities that offer a wide variety of workout options and equipment. These gyms are usually comprised of multiple floors with cardio and strength training areas, free weights, machines, and other amenities such as swimming pools, basketball courts, and saunas.

Big box gyms can also offer a broader range of classes but the classes are often heftier in size and far less personalised.

Membership fees for big box gyms tend to be lower than those for boutique gyms, although they may still charge additional fees for certain extras + niceties.

So what’s the correct option for you? Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of fitness levels, fitness goals, as well as budget.

To help you get started, here are our best professionally-reviewed routines you can attempt at your local Sydney gym:

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