The Dark Knight Is Still The Highest-Rated Superhero Movie Of All-Time

Despite 23 films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘The Dark Knight’ is still the highest-rated superhero movie of all-time.

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How Much It Would Cost To Own The Life Of Bruce Wayne

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Here’s The Workout Ben Affleck Used To Get Jacked For Batman

During the production of Batman vs. Superman, Ben Affleck put on a whopping 30 pounds of muscle. Here’s how you can too.

Brisbane’s ‘Batman’ Tunnel Mansion Sets Property Record

The property made headlines worldwide for its Wayne Mannor-esque 50m concrete enclosed tunnel that rises to an underground bunker.

Someone In Dubai Is Selling This 500hp Batmobile

First we showed you Melbourne’s Wayne Manor, now out of Dubai comes a fully road legal (at least in the UAE) tumbler Batmobile.

Toorak’s ‘Wayne Residence’ Might Be The Nicest House In Australia

Aptly codenamed the ‘Wayne Residence’, this house on Landale Road in Toorak is the closest thing you’ll get to living like Batman without moving to Gotham.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer Released

Starring Henry Cavill as Superman, and Ben Affleck as Batman, the trailer depicts a bleak and downcast world in which the civilian population seems to have grown discontent with the “alien” Superman, and his actions after the events of Man of Steel.