Bitcoin Sushi

Tech Reporter Once Traded $650,000 Worth Of Bitcoin For A Sushi Dinner

In 2013, Forbes tech reporter Kashmir Hill decided to use nothing but Bitcoin for an entire week to see how…

Aaron Rodgers Bitcoin salary

Aaron Rodgers Will Take Part Of His NFL Salary In Bitcoin

Last Monday, Aaron Rodgers announced his partnership with Cash App to convert a portion of his NFL salary into Bitcoin….

Coinbase Heist Huobi Global

Poor Bastard Loses $15 Million In 10 Minutes During Coinbase Crypto Heist

So you think your week is already off to a bad start? One punter is currently reeling from losses amounting…

Crypto Asset Recovery Chris Charlie Brooks Recover Bitcoin

Meet The Father & Son Team Helping Recover Billions Worth Of Lost Bitcoin

A recent survey from Cryptovantage revealed nearly 40% of 1,000 US crypto owners claim to have forgotten a wallet password,…

africrypt ameer raees cajee bitcoin crypto heist

Two Brothers Vanished With $4.75 Billion In History’s Biggest Crypto Heist

Directors of cryptocurrency investment platform AfriCrypt – Ameer & Raees Cajee – have disappeared without a trace, along with what…

Bitcoin Price Dogecoin Price Cryptocurrency Coinbase

Bitcoin Price Soars To All-Time High Ahead Of Coinbase Listing

While we’re sure the majority of you are tired of hearing about it, the Bitcoin price has once again reached…

purpose bitcoin price etf btcc toronto debut

Bitcoin ETF Debuts With $80 Million Worth Of Trades In First Hour Alone

North America’s very first Bitcoin ETF has officially gone bang, as investors flock to exchange approximately $165 million worth of…

Apple Pay BitPay iPhone Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

You Can Now Spend Bitcoin Using Apple Pay

In yet another major win for cryptocurrency this year – and yet another considerable step towards its inevitable widespread adoption…

Tesla Bitcoin

Tesla Invests $1.95 Billion Into Bitcoin, Plans To Accept Crypto As Payment

UPDATE [25/03/21]: Elon Musk has revealed you can now buy a Tesla using Bitcoin, with the option rolling out beyond…

german police bitcoin password

Bloke Refuses To Give Police The Password For His $85 Million Bitcoin Portfolio

German police are learning all about the benefits of cryptocurrency first-hand, namely how frustratingly secure the damn thing can be…

Stefan Thomas forgotten bitcoin password

Bloke Forgets The Password To His $303 Million Bitcoin Portfolio

Years ago, San Francisco-based programmer Stefan Thomas was paid for his services with 7,002 Bitcoin. Secured by a private key…

denison yachting catamaran bitcoin

Some Bloke Just Bought This 52-Foot Catamaran With Bitcoin

A key criticism often fired towards cryptocurrencies involves the inability to make everyday purchases; which has mostly been true apart…