Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Returns For ‘Venom’ Sequel

Fingers crossed the plot is a little better than the original.

Tom Hardy Is Recording His Own Grime Album After Old Mixtape Leaks


Bremont’s U-2/51-Jet Timepiece Debuts In Tom Hardy’s Venom

A long time fan of Bremont and close friend of its Co-Founder, Nick English, Tom Hardy has chosen to debut the brand’s U-2/51-Jet timepiece in the upcoming Venom.

Tom Hardy Confirms He’s Signed On For An Entire Venom Trilogy

“I’m open to whatever you want to do with it, I think it’s an awesome character. I love playing both of them.”

Tom Hardy Looks Unrecognisable As Al Capone In ‘Fonzo’ First Images

The transformation can only be described as next level.

Pierce Brosnan Votes For Tom Hardy To Play Next James Bond

The name’s Hardy. Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy’s Venom Finally Revealed in Full-Length Trailer Drop

‘Venom’ is the medium budget fanboy project of lead actor Tom Hardy.

Style Tips To Learn From Tom Hardy

There are many things to be learned from Hardy, but if you have to start somewhere, make it his style.

Tom Hardy Builds Hype In Marvel’s Dark Teaser for ‘Venom’

Marvel sure know how to build tension in Tom Hardy’s R-rated passion project, but we can only hope the final product is actually good for it.

Why ‘Taboo’ Is Your Next Binge-Worthy TV Series

Words by Lloyd Everett As we enter the abyss of yet another Game of Thrones off-season, our eyes naturally start…

Tom Hardy Squared: Legend Trailer – that sh!t ‘Kray’

The trailer for Legend star Tom Hardy