There's nothing better than cracking a cold beer on a warm summer's day, but there's no reason why you can enjoy the nectar of the gods during the colder months, too. 

With craft beers continuing to grow in popularity and major alcohol companies experimenting with their products to keep beer lovers happy, there is a growing range of froths on offer made for consumption specifically during winter.

From thick stouts to tasty ales, here are the best Aussie beers to have a crack at this winter.

Mornington Brown Ale - 5%

Mornington Brown Ale

If you're a fan of English-style brown ales or looking to test the waters when it comes to dark beers, Mornington Peninsula's Mornington Brown Ale is the place to start. Using imported malts from the UK, this scrumptious brown liquid has traces of toffee, raisins and chocolate throughout. This is a smooth ale that's easy to drink and a tasty introduction to full-bodied winter brews.

Pirate Life Stout - 7.2%

Pirate Life Stout

Since its inception in 2014, Pirate Life has fast become one of Australia's most loved craft breweries, offering a delightful selection of beers to quench any thirst. The Throwback IPA is great for those 30+ degree days, but when the temperature drops you can't go past a Pirate Life Stout

This one is overflowing with rich flavours but also has a good amount of bitterness to even things out. Best of all, it comes in a 500ml can so you get more bang for your buck. 

Young Henrys Real Ale - 4%

Young Henrys Real Ale

Despite the low alcohol content, Young Henrys Real Ale is a full-bodied ale packed with flavour and reminiscent of classic English ales best served during those long, cold days. Made from a mixture of Australian and British malts, this beer took out the gold medal at the 2014 UK International Real Ale Festival, proving Aussie brewers can mix it with the best when it comes to traditional English ales. 

Coopers Best Extra Stout - 6.3%

Coopers Best Extra Stout

If you come from South Australia it's likely your first alcoholic drink was from the Coopers range. While the green label of Coopers Pale Ale is regularly seen in pubs, you might want to try Coopers Best Extra Stout when winter hits. 

A compelling blend of fruit and chocolate flavours with a bitter aftertaste give this thick, rich beer a unique taste that's great for drinking around an open fire. 

Bridge Road Brewers Robust Porter - 5.2%

Bridge Road Brewers Robust Porter

It's hard to find a solid porter but Bridge Road Brewers have nailed it with their Robust Porter. Unlike a traditional stout that uses unmalted roasted barley, a porter uses malted barley during the brewing process, resulting in a dark, creamy beer.

The Robust Porter is dark in complexion with a bold chocolate taste. Pair this with dark chocolate deserts or oysters to capture the full flavoured goodness of the Robust Porter.

Old Admiral Dark Ale - 6.1%

Old Admiral Dark Ale

The Lord Nelson Brewery is one of Sydney's oldest pubs. First opening in 1841, the hotel opened its own microbrewery in 1986 and has become a favourite amongst Sydneysiders. Of all the beers on offer, it's the Old Admiral Dark Ale that will have you licking your lips as the mercury dips. 

It's an easy to sink ale with a hoppy bitterness that never overcomes the pallet. At 6.1% it also packs a punch, so try not to consume too many of these otherwise you might be in for an early night. 

Little Creatures Return Of The Dread - 7.2%

Little Creatures Return Of The Dread

A seasonal beer brewed especially for the cooler months of the year, Little Creatures Return Of The Dread is the Victorian brewer's delicious take on a stout with extra bitterness. The beer contains a variety of different malts in a concoction that gives off hints of vanilla in smell and chocolate in taste. The 7.2% alcohol percentage is also a great little kick to the heart.

4 Pines Stout - 5.1%

4 Pines Stout

Described by as a "dry Irish stout," this winter warmer from 4 Pines is an absolute treat. Black in colour, this rich stout will warm your heart thanks to its pleasant coffee, chocolate and caramel aromas. 

4 Pines Stout is also currently being developed as the first 'space beer', meaning astronauts will soon be able to enjoy a cold one after a long day of space exploration. 

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