— 11 March 2024

‘Physical: 100’ Season 2 Wrestles Its Way Onto Netflix Next Week (And It Has A Trailer)

— 11 March 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Netflix has once again captured South Korean lightning in a bottle with Physical: 100 ⸺ to the point where millions of fans have been clamouring for Physical: 100 season 2.

The reality competition series combined the very best of Survivor, American Gladiator, and indeed, Squid Game by pitting the country’s 100 fittest individuals ⸺ Olympians, MMA fighters, wrestlers, rugby players, firemen, bodybuilders, military personnel, CrossFitters, fitness influencers, as well as a mountain rescue workers ⸺ against one another to determine who has the “perfect physique.”

And while you’d think something as inherently testosterone-heavy as this endeavour would result in a nauseating showcase of egos, in a fascinating plot twist, it was an entirely respectful affair between the contestants involved.

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Respect galore, really. Especially if your name was Yoshihiro Akiyama / Choo Sung-hoon (AKA “Sexyama”) ⸺ legendary 47-year-old judoka and mixed martial artist of K-1, ONE Championship, and to some extent, UFC fame.

Bonus: zero BS villain edits, although perhaps we could do with fewer multi-angle replay cuts. This is partially why week after week, millions of viewers tuned in to witness the next challenge unfold. Anyway, here’s everything we know about Physical: 100 season 2.

Everything We Know About Physical: 100 Season 2

Has Physical: 100 season 2 been confirmed by Netflix?

The closing moments of the “controversial” ninth episode hinted towards a follow-up instalment.

As the camera focused upon the debut season’s “most perfect physique” ⸺ represented by the plaster bust of winner Woo Jin-yong ⸺ the narrator stated the following (translated):

“Various physiques exist in the world. Our search for the perfect physique will continue.”

Initially, this was the sole indication that more content was on the way. But as of June 14th, 2023, Netflix has officially confirmed Physical: 100 season 2 has been greenlit.

“We are very grateful Physical: 100 received so much love from fans all across the globe, and we paid attention to all the comments and feedback,” said series director Jang Ho-gi.

“We decided to retain the essence of the show ⸺ finding the perfect physique ⸺ while introducing fresh elements. This is our way of expressing our gratitude to the fans of the show.”

“I give you my word that we will be back with an all-new season that’s got everything taken up a notch for our global fans.”

According to Deadline, the set ⸺ which was the size of two soccer fields for the first season ⸺ has been “expanded” for the sophomore edition.

Considering the incredibly strong ratings (surpassing South Korean dating show Single’s Inferno), and the fact that the first season has been immortalised in history as the first unscripted show to ever hit No. 1 on Netflix’s Non-English TV list… the series renewal isn’t particularly surprising. Reality TV success has a name and it’s Physical: 100.

Who can we expect to return for the potential second season of Physical: 100?

Physical: 100 season 2 - release date, trailer, cast, news

Assuming the challenges are different enough to prevent the OGs from enjoying an advantage, there’s nothing preventing the eliminated contestants ⸺ e.g. fan favourites like Sexyama; runner-ups from the finale ⸺ from being called back to the competition series for another shot at that 300 million won (AU$347,000) grand prize.

Though according to Netflix Tudum, we should expect a completely brand new crop of contestants. Prominent additions this time around include: “Kim Dong-hyun, the first Korean UFC fighter with the highest number of wins within Korea; Lee Won-hee, a gold medalist in judo; and Anthony Jung, a gold medalist in wrestling.”

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Do we know the Physical: 100 season 2 release date?

Physical: 100 season 2 - release date, trailer, cast, news

Physical: 100 season 2 is currently scheduled to hit Netflix on March 19th, 2024.

Is there a Physical: 100 season 2 trailer?

Physical: 100 season 2 finally has a trailer ⸺ check it out above (and relive the first season below).

Keep an eye out here for all Physical:100 season 2 related news here.

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