Kendall Roy Has Unleashed His Full Villain Potential… But Will He Become CEO?
— Updated on 31 May 2023

Kendall Roy Has Unleashed His Full Villain Potential… But Will He Become CEO?

— Updated on 31 May 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Week after week, the Succession finale predictions we initially jotted down during the premiere of season 4 have steadily been thrown out the window.

When the closing instalment of HBO’s universally-acclaimed black comedy created by Jesse Armstrong first hit airways, the new-gen Roy siblings – Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook), Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) – had banded together against their father Logan Roy (Brian Cox).

By all accounts, and based on the marketing materials, we were on track to witness a full-scale battle between a billionaire patriarch slash media mogul and his deeply flawed offspring with the control of the Waystar RoyCo empire at stake.

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But just as the series’ signature familial tensions began to mount as we’d seen it play out in previous seasons, a rug pull of epic proportions occurred. Without so much as a warning, Logan Roy – the King Lear of this deliciously Shakespearian affair – keeled over and drew his last breath on a private jet of all places.

The power vacuum temporarily installed Kendall and Roman as interim Co-CEOS (“the CE-Bros”), forcing Shiv to forge an alliance with Gojo’s Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård); the latter of whom is currently in the process of acquiring/pillaging Waystar wholesale for a handsome sum.

As for the rest of the “rotten cabal,” they’re either scrambling to maintain their position, scrambling to improve their station in life, or in the case of Waystar RoyCo CFO Karl Muller (David Rasche), scrambling to ensure his golden parachute is as golden as ever.

Now, with just a single feature-length episode left on the docket, we’re left wondering… how the hell are they going to wrap everything up? Here are some of our (revised) Succession finale predictions.

Succession Finale Predictions (Who Will Become CEO?)

Kendall Roy: Heir Apparent

The series opened with Kendall at the precipice of taking Logan’s throne, thereby living up to the name of the game. And while daddy dearest may have entertained the possibility of both Shiv and Roman as potential candidates in the years since, I’d argue that it has always (always) been about the relationship between Logan and Sad Boi Kenny.

In the latest episode, ‘Church and State (S04E09), Kendall casts aside what little morality he’d managed to preserve, and seemingly completes his transformation as Logan reincarnated. Right down to the vindictive attempt to secure sole custody of his kids Sophie (Swayam Bhatia) and Iverson (Quentin Morales), thereby shutting out his ex-wife Rava (Natalie Gold) – a classic play from the Logan Roy divorce playbook, and not entirely unlike what happened during the Roy siblings’ youth.

This Faustian pact isn’t the only detail that renews his status as heir apparent to the Waystar Royco empire. Stepping up to give a rousing eulogy at Logan’s funeral when Roman crumbles under the weight of his unexpressed grief also earns Kendall the respect of the elites, the powerbrokers, and even President-elect Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk). This, they decide, is the second coming of L to the OG.

“The hinge of the episode, really, is Roman kind of shitting the bed in his speech and Kendall taking the mantle and, it’s another triumph. He’s moving from strength to strength, in a sense, and the room feels it. And he feels [it],” Jeremy Strong explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

“They joke about the coronation demolition derby, but it is his father’s funeral and simultaneously Kendall’s coronation. I leave that church, there’s been a profound transformation from the way I walked into that church to the way I leave that church. And the sort of hatching plots with Hugo (Fisher Stevens), there is just a determination in the character.”

“I think more and more we see that he is Logan Roy’s son and that Logan is his middle name.”

The cherry on top? Convincing his father’s former bodyguard Colin – the only other person with evidence of the manslaughter Kendall committed during the season 1 finale ‘Nobody Is Ever Missing’ – to work for him while subtly hinting it’s in everyone’s best interest that mouths stay shut.

Say what you will about the underline/cross-out debate. Say what you will about the long and winding road Kendall has taken through Logan’s bad books. If it ain’t Ken, then it definitely isn’t any of the other siblings.

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Succession Finale Predictions: Is Kendall Still The Heir Apparent?

Shivved in the Guts

At face value, after the events of ‘Church and State,’ Siobhan is in pole position to become the next Waystar RoyCo CEO, having famously fumbled her audition in season 2 and 3.

For context, she’s offered up as the domestic figurehead of her family’s company after its acquisitions by the Swedes to appease President-elect Jeryd Mencken who, as a card-carrying conservative with MAGA-esque world views, is keen to maintain the appearance of being tough on foreign entities. Mencken is also keen to have a far-reaching mouthpiece for his political agenda.

But lest we forget two important details:

  1. Shiv’s left-leaning politics and lack of experience makes her unfit for duty, and;
  2. Historically, based on how her character has been treated across the past four seasons, Shiv’s purpose in Succession was never to be a legitimate candidate in the race to become CEO – it’s to serve as obstacle and opposition to Kendall.

I guess it really comes down to a matter of whether Shiv can be more ruthless than Kendall. To which we believe the answer is currently a resounding: “No.”

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The Wambsgans Shall Inherit the Waystar

While it’s unlikely creator Jesse Armstrong would choose to replicate the same plot twist in two consecutive season finales, having turned the entire narrative on its head with Tom Wambsgans’ (Matthew Macfayden) betrayal of the Roy siblings – but more particularly of his own wife Shiv – back in S3… there’s always a chance.

Tom’s current trajectory is rather precarious. There seems to be room for reconciliation with Shiv in light of her pregnancy, and in light of the sympathy she demonstrated during his emotional collapse towards the end of ‘Church and State,’ although his career now hinges upon Jeryd Mencken’s confirmation as US President.

Should Jeryd actually take to the Oval Office, Tom will be viewed as both a bona fide kingmaker and ally to the Mencken administration for calling the election nice and early in the neo-conservative’s favour. And need I remind you of the power a sitting president has within the realm of business?

Should the courts prove otherwise, however, ATN’s reputation as the flagship Waystar news property will go down the toilet along with what little credibility they had left, the board will call for Tom’s head, and while I’ll admit I don’t completely understand how all this works in real life, legal ramification could be on the cards.

Succession Finale Predictions: Is Kendall Still The Heir Apparent?

Sleeper Greg

As incompetent, downright laughable, and hilariously tragic Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) has been, you cannot deny that he’s a talented social climber with an uncanny instinct for cutting deals.

Just look how far he’s come since season 1: from an unqualified stoner who couldn’t hold a part-time gig as a mascot at his family’s own amusement park to middle-management underling with a direct line to both the President of ATN (i.e. Tomlette) and pretty much the entire Roy clan.

We’re not holding our breath for him to be named Waystar RoyCo CEO, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he made out like a bandit. And who knows? Maybe he’ll successfully sue Greenpeace for his billion-dollar inheritance.

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Succession Finale Predictions (According To The Sportsbet Odds)

Granted, a bookmaker isn’t exactly an authority on pop culture. But keep in mind the following is based on who people have placed their hard-earned money on, which should count for something.

Winner is the Person(s) that is the CEO/President of WaystarRoyco (or any future joint/parent/umbrella company that will own/merge with WaystarRoyco) at THE CONCLUSION of S4.

  • Siobhan Roy ($2.75)
  • Greg Hirsch ($3.00)
  • Kendall Roy ($4.00)
  • Tom Wambsgans ($5.00)
  • Lukas Matsson ($7.50)
  • Roman Roy ($11.00)
  • Gerri Kellman ($21.00)
  • Frank Vernon ($26.00)
  • Connor Roy ($34.00)
  • Stewy Hosseini ($34.00)
  • Willa Ferreyra ($41.00)
  • Ewan Roy ($51.00)
  • Marcia Roy ($51.00)
  • Naomi Pierce ($51.00)
  • Sandi Furness ($51.00)
  • Karl Muller ($67.00)
  • Karolina Novotney ($67.00)
  • Caroline Collingwood ($81.00)
  • Josh Aaronson ($81.00)
  • Rhea Jarrell ($91.00)
  • Hugo Baker ($101.00)
  • Rava Roy ($101.00)
  • Iverson Roy ($126.00)
  • Sophie Roy ($126.00)
  • Jamie Laird ($151.00)
  • Jess Jordan ($151.00)
  • Gil Eavis ($201.00)
  • Lawrence Yee (201.00)

As of: 23/05/2023

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