The ‘Suits LA’ Spin-Off Has Just Found Its Harvey Specter
— 14 February 2024

The ‘Suits LA’ Spin-Off Has Just Found Its Harvey Specter

— 14 February 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Stephen Amell of Arrow and Heels fame has been tapped to lead a drama pilot of the forthcoming Suits LA spin-off.

According to Collider, the expansion to the original series also created by Aaron Korsh follows Ted Black (Amell), an ex-federal prosecutor from New York who has transformed his career to defend Los Angeles’ elite. 

“As his firm faces critical challenges, Ted must adopt a position he’s scorned throughout his career to ensure its survival. He’s accompanied by a diverse cast of characters who navigate their allegiance to Ted and one another, often blurring the lines between their personal and work lives.”

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“Meanwhile, a backstory gradually unfolds, revealing the circumstances that compelled Ted to abandon his past life and the people he cherished.”

This latest reveal is a slight pivot from earlier reports that Suits LA would involve an entertainment law firm led by a character named Erica — described in the current casting calls as “30s, black, SoCal native, and Harvard law alum. She’s jockeying to be made Head of Entertainment. She’s great at closing clients but struggles elsewhere. Smarter than everyone.”

Though perhaps “Los Angeles’ elite” could indeed refer to those in the entertainment industry; and the yet-to-be-cast Erica will be the Mike Ross to Stephen Amell’s Ted Black.

While you probably didn’t experience its resurgence here in Australia, over the past year, Suits (and its spin-off Pearson) has been re-taking the US by storm, following its introduction to American Netflix.

Naturally, the record-breaking streaming numbers didn’t go unnoticed. Hence why NBCUniversal has now commissioned a franchise expansion a la CSI and NCIS set in sunny Los Angeles. A stark contrast to New York City (Suits 1.0) and Chicago (Pearson).

'Suits' Is Returning With A Brand New Series

President of Universal International Studios & UCP Beatrice Springborn recently teased that the Suits LA will have a similar “energy” to the original show, adding that the “fun and happy” tone will be set “in the same time frame.”

The original Suits series famously centred on a high-profile litigator and part-time Bruce Wanye prototype, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), who enlists expelled genius, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), and his eidetic memory to the prestigious Pearson Hardman law firm.

Side note: the latter has already raised his hand for a potential return (“If I got the phone call, I’m ready to suit up again. I love the show, I love the character and I loved working with all these people.”). Though it’d probably only be in a guest star capacity. And don’t expect anyone else to follow Mr Ross.

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Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, and later Katherine Heigl starred alongside Macht and Adams; while Torres’ managing partner Jessica Pearson was the subject of the aforementioned spin-off series.

In total, the legal workplace drama ran for nine seasons/134 episodes from 2011 to 2019, garnering multiple award nominations, even generating Japanese and South Korean remakes. Pearson, on the other hand, only lasted for 10 episodes.

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