Tom Brady Drama Series ‘The Patriot Way’ In Development
(Credit: Billie Weiss/Getty Images)
— 3 October 2023

Tom Brady Drama Series ‘The Patriot Way’ In Development

— 3 October 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Ever since IWC dropped its epic Christopher Nolan-esque short film, Born of a Dream, we’ve been craving a dramatic treatment of the Tom Brady story. Now, our wish is officially being granted with a biopic series entitled The Patriot Way.

The legendary quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion’s journey to icon status was, for lack of a better phrase, extremely cinematic.

From being overlooked during the 2000 NFL draft, selected in the 6th round as the 199th overall pick; to establishing a sports dynasty like no other with Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots; and winning his final ring at the ripe old age of 43…the screenplay practically writes itself.

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Of course, the screenplay hasn’t written itself. Adapted from Casey Sherman & Dave Wedge’s bestselling book 12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption, this limited series has been penned by seasoned Hollywood scribes Paul Tamasy & Eric Johnson (The Fighter, Patriots Day, The Finest Hours).

According to Deadline, beyond the GOAT’s “improbable rise” from a sixth-round/199th overall pick who almost resorted to selling insurance for a living, The Patriot Way will chronicle the Aaron Hernandez, Spygate, and Deflategate scandals; as well as Brady’s “battle of wills” with head coach Bill Belichick.

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“The New England Patriots dominated the professional sports landscape for 20 years,” said Paul Tamasy & Eric Johnson.

“Our series will bring the audience inside Gillette Stadium, better known as Fortress Foxboro, to shed new light on the thrilling, historic come-from-behind victories; the dark side of success; and building a culture of winning at all costs.”

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Sherman & Wedge added: “As journalists, we had a front-row seat for all the incredible drama that has unfolded both before and after the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl [in 2001].”

“It’s a rich, character-driven story that probably will not be duplicated in our lifetime.”

The most interesting detail, however, is the lack of involvement by Tom Brady himself. In other words, no punches will be pulled.

The Patriot Way limited series is being developed by the Gotham Group — network/platform, cast members, and release date TBA. In the meantime, check out IWC’s Born of a Dream below.

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