These Are 5 Of The Best Cities For Aussies To Hook Up In

Aussies have a tendency to scour the Earth for adventure and romance as far away from home as possible.
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Aussies have a tendency to scour the Earth for adventure and romance as far away from home as possible. It's just something we've always done, the further away, the better.

So if you're after the latter, or perhaps just a casual acquaintance to reignite some excitement and lust in your life, you can rest assured your ideal destination is out there in one of the far corners of the globe.

We've put together a wide variety of locales for every type of Aussie (not gender exclusive) for you to perhaps bump a little higher up your travel bucket list. We won't tell anyone.

The list is by no means definitive, so feel free to leave your own advice for the good cause in the comments.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Suited for: Sun lovers with a flair for South American sexuality

Vibe: Tropicana


There's something inherently sensual about Latin American culture, the Brazilians in particular. Throw a concoction of sun and sand in with an air of rhythmic Latin music, you've got a recipe for romance right there.

With eye candy around every corner and festivals like Carnivale bringing out the eccentric sides of locals and tourists alike, it's a surefire place to simply walk around the beaches and wait until someone invites you to a party. Given how outgoing Aussies generally are, there aren't many better places to get involved with the local culture.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Suited for: The party animal

Vibe: Spring break


It's the less tacky version of Cancun and basically the Mecca of party weekends for well-off American tourists. Why is it one of the best hook up destination for Aussies, you ask? Because there's almost none of us there. It's just not really on the map when it comes to destination holidays and isn't geographically on the way to anywhere.

In Cabo you've got endless beach-side bars and clubs littered with above average American party goers all super keen on the Aussie accent. Everyone's in blowout vacay mode, meaning everyone's keen to let loose.

Whistler, Canada

Suited for: Shredders who ski hard & play hard

Vibe: Youthful winter romance

Scandinave Spa Whistler in winter. Photo by Justa Jeskova.

Scandinave Spa Whistler in winter. Photo by Justa Jeskova.

Be it for a week-long jaunt or a full ski season, there's no shortage of romance in Whistler. Unlike Cabo where the absence of Aussies is overtly noticeable, Whistler is the complete opposite.

This high concentration of Aussies doesn't have to be a bad thing, however. Sometimes a little connection to home is a great way to start the dialogue and makes for more interesting small talk.

During high season, Whistler's abundance of balcony hot tubs under crisp, snow fluttering skies and cosy ski-in-ski-out chalets with crackling fireplaces are the perfect spots to kindle a little love.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Suited for: Nordic admirers

Vibe: Progressive & playful


Citizens of the Nordic countries are known for being undeniably beautiful specimens and this is no less true in Denmark.

Their proficiency in English from an early age makes it super easy for you to communicate and Copenhagen in particular is known for a vibrant and fun outdoor lifestyle in the peak summer months.

It's a progressive and playful substitute from the popular 'Euro trip' party spots like Croatia and Greece, but without sacrificing on talent.

London, United Kingdom

Suited for: Modern romantic

Vibe: Historical class meets contemporary quirkiness


London is a personal favourite of the team here at Boss Hunting. The natural Aussie affinity to the Motherland means that you'll feel right at home in this dynamic city.

Suited predominantly towards those with a love of the arts, a vibrant after hours scene and thriving social culture, you'll have no problem meeting your next fling while ordering the closest thing to a flat white you'll find out of the country.

And who doesn't love a British accent? The best part is that they love Aussie accents even more.