The LIVIT Studypod Is A Cure For Distractions

Lockdown will have surely tested the upper-limits of your attention span. Let’s face it, focus wanes considerably throughout the day under the best of circumstances. Throw in the element of being home with no dress code, a stocked fridge, complete privacy, etc. and your productivity is bound to take a hit. Distracted living, however, now has a worthy adversary in the LIVIT Studypod.

Taking on the Don Draper philosophy of creating something simple yet significant, the Studypod really isn’t any more sophisticated than what you see before your eyes – a stylish 2.15 metre x 1.8 metre x 2.1 metre cube weighing 700 kilos, complete with bare essentials to get the job done:

  • Detachable desk
  • Natural ventilation w/ adjustable airflow
  • 4 x downlights
  • 1 x lightswitch
  • 1 x power outlet
  • Weatherproof exterior

Designed to be placed virtually anywhere, LIVIT’s Studypod comes with two other configurations in addition to the main work station setup. One configuration which can clear some space for a bit of yoga, and another configuration which can hold a bed for a bit of napping. There is, after all, always room for balance when it comes to your professional life.

The LIVIT Studypod is priced at €11,900 (AU$19,330). Find out more over at