The Only Thing Missing From Your Life? This $120 Countertop Kebab Grill
— Updated on 22 February 2023

The Only Thing Missing From Your Life? This $120 Countertop Kebab Grill

— Updated on 22 February 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

As some of you may recall, just a few years prior, we were freaking out about a now-sold-out vertical rotisserie/doner kebab grill produced by Nigma. Thankfully, they didn’t have a monopoly on the countertop innovation game, and now, you can cop a delightfully similar “vertical rotating oven” thanks to the enterprising geniuses over at NutriChef.

Similar to its Nigma-designed predecessor, this bad boy is capable of efficiently churning out slow-roasted chooks, seven kebab skewers at once, and even a mouth-watering slab of meat to shave over your homemade HSPs. Plus whatever the Hell you manage to conceive in the early AM, no doubt after a heavy session on the piss and, well… probably a few other extra-curricular substances, if we’re being honest with one another. The max temp? A sweltering 240 degrees Celsius.

And just because cleaning up is half the hassle of cooking, the feed rig you see before you also features a stain-resistant housing as well as a drip collection tray to make the post-process that much easier. What more could you want in a kitchen appliance?

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As we’ve noted on a previous occasion, with nifty homeware like this, there’s virtually no reason to…

  • Stand under blinding fluorescent lighting
  • Squint at a disappointed man behind the counter who’s barely breaking even at this point 
  • Coming face-to-face with room-temperature, doughy pizzas that you would not consider for a microsecond under any circumstances other than when you’re half-cut at 3 AM
  • And hope to God your phone and wallet will still be in your pockets when you inevitably load into that rideshare with a 1.5 surcharge

Though it just ain’t a night out unless you’ve ticked off any of the above.

The NutriChef Vertical Rotating Oven is currently out of stock on the company’s official website, but still available to purchase via Amazon for a pretty reasonable $120.

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