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Inspiration and motivated is woven into news and features in the world of Real Estate. Whatever you aspire for your own stake in the world, you’ll find features, news and galleries here on some of the best luxury homes, sales, prices, and news articles in the industry to help give you that push to achieve your own goals.

Below you’ll get a close look inside of some of the most inspiring mansions the world has seen, owned by celebrities and entrepreneurs who showcase their tastes and desires to the world through lavish designs and ambitious amenities.

Coexist With Nature In This Stunning Melbourne House

The worlds exterior and interior has just been united in a brilliantly designed Melbourne house.

$2 Billion Park Avenue Building Becomes Highest Selling In New York History

The world’s tallest residential building just shattered another record… being the best-selling building in New York City history.

These Are The 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In For 2018

Where does Australia sit in terms of the most expensive city? Who will rank higher, Melbourne or Sydney….

This San Francisco Home Might Just Be The Dream Urban Pad

When we came across San Francisco’s slickest new urban addition, our eyes lit up – perhaps because this really could be a practical home.

These Are Brisbane’s Best Bars To Visit In 2018

Here are the finest watering holes and refreshment stations on offer in Brisbane, all tried first hand by us, so wet your whistle and dive in.

Take A Look Inside This Oilman’s Epic $250 Million Dollar Texas Ranch

Legendary investor and oilman T. Boone Pickens is selling his Texas ranch for a whopping US$250 million ($327 million)…

New York Living Comes To Sydney With This Parkside Development

Many dream of living in New York, right next to Central Park. This dream has just become pretty achievable right here in Sydney.

Inside LeBron James’s New $30 Million Los Angeles Pad

LeBron James may have his own epic mansion in Cleveland already, but what does the man do when he hits the mean streets of LA?

These $2 Million Floating Homes Could Be The Future Of Real Estate

Koen Olthuis, and housing startup, Arkup, are designing $2 million floating luxury homes. These homes could be a solution to the future.

Escape The Heat With Our Dubai Beachside Set-Play

A poolside cabana at the elusive Burj Al Arab hotel? It’s not as unattainable as you may initially expect.

An Impossible Concept Becomes Reality With ‘Casa Brutale’

Back in 2015, design images for Casa Brutale went viral and set the internet on fire. Now, this mesmerising concept is being brought to life.

Your 72 Hour Dubai Hit List

A hybrid of old and new worlds fused together with a desirable quirkiness, Dubai is a destination as much as it is a stopover.