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Inspiration and motivated is woven into news and features in the world of Real Estate. Whatever you aspire for your own stake in the world, you’ll find features, news and galleries here on some of the best luxury homes, sales, prices, and news articles in the industry to help give you that push to achieve your own goals.

Below you’ll get a close look inside of some of the most inspiring mansions the world has seen, owned by celebrities and entrepreneurs who showcase their tastes and desires to the world through lavish designs and ambitious amenities.

Check Out This Sculptor’s Idealistic Canadian Forest Home

When a renowned sculptor and two Montreal-based architects collab you get this stunning forest home in Quebec’s Bolton-Est region.

Brisbane’s ‘Batman’ Tunnel Mansion Sets Property Record

The property made headlines worldwide for its Wayne Mannor-esque 50m concrete enclosed tunnel that rises to an underground bunker.

Inside Penthouse 88B: NYC’s Newest Luxury $40 Million Pad

Over on Manhattan’s West Side you’ll find Fifteen Hudson Yards, an 88-story luxury residential tower with four $40 million pads.

This Inverted Pyramid Will Be Spain’s Most Ludicrous Property Yet

This home has literally flipped every design expectation we’ve ever had on its head.

6 Of Dubai’s Most Luxe Homes Currently For Sale

If Dubai does one thing, it’s excess. You haven’t seen luxury until you’ve seen Dubai. The same is true for their houses.

Gallery: Escaping The Bustle At NANA JUDY’s Estate Party In Byron Bay

Epic clothing brand NANA JUDY held an invite only event at Angus Stones’ secret 50 acre estate in Byron Bay…

This Ludicrous NYC Structure Could Be The World’s Longest Building

Oiio Studios aim to construct a striking new addition to the famed New York City skyline dubbed “The Big Bend”

The Wolf Of Wall Street’s House Is On The Market

We’ve all dreamt of living like the Wolf of Wall Street. Extravagant parties, extortionate wealth and an apparent ability to do…

The Most Expensive House in the US is for Sale for $250 Million USD

Behold the most expensive house in the US, a 38,000 sq ft Beverly Hills mansion on the market for more than $250 million USD.


Designer Alexander McQueen’s Mayfair Penthouse for Sale for $14m

Late Lee Alexander McQueen was a renowned fashion designer, best known for his label, Alexander McQueen and for being the…

Johnny Depp’s Epic California Penthouse Is On The Market For $12m

On the back of his acrimonious divorce with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has put his enormous LA penthouse on the market, for a cool $12.78m

Check Out Tom Ford’s Incredible $97 Million Ranch

Cerro Pelon, Tom Ford’s ranch near Sante Fe, New Mexico, has hit the market for a reported $75 million (A$97m)