Why We Really Love Entourage

With the Entourage movie less than two months away, the boys are front of mind yet again after an almost four year hiatus (has it really been that long!?!). So before us fans get to revel in two straight hours of quality viewing, I thought I’d share why I think everybody loves Entourage. And it’s fairly simple.

The reason why we just love Entourage is because everyone has a Vinnie, Turtle, E, Ari and even Johnny Drama in their lives. Here’s the breakdown.

The Vinnie

Vince is the top gun of the group. The one who is effortlessly cool, unfairly attractive, and either is or will be infinitely successful. Everyone loves Vinnie and that’s because no matter what the rest of the world thinks, from a superficial bystanders perspective, he or she is down to earth and loves the people around them. They are loyal and they care. The Vince of the group is always down for a good time, but gets it when you aren’t feeling up to it. We love Vinnie because he reminds us of our best friend, or emulates the person we someday hope to be, outside of his fame and fortune.

The Turtle

There’s a special place in our hearts for Turtle, it’s no wonder why. For all his failures and faults we love Turtle, because he has the biggest heart of them all. Turtle is the number one supporter of the whole group and whilst he struggles to find his own, and is always just a step or two behind the other guys, we watch him make it on his own by the end of the series. Turtle wants to have a good time and keep it real. He is the friend who loves the latest gizmos and gadgets, who may be leaning on you for support at the moment, but will get there in the long term. No matter what, you want them around.

The E

E is the guy or girl friend who has sensitive written all over them. Whilst this can make it difficult to keep up with their love life particularly in regard to whether it exists or not, this sensitivity usually transcends to you and you know they care for you, like a brother or sister. Just like between Vinnie and E, the bond is real and your trust of one another is solid. The ‘E friend’ cannot be underestimated in terms of their ability and drive for success, which will either surprise you when he attracts a long-term Sloane look alike, or which you will love as a bestie.

The Drama

Johnny Drama can be the most painful of the group. His or her dramatic antics can be enough to ruin your Saturday night…particularly if he or she is going through a rough patch at work, or with love…or both as is often the case. The Drama of the group are the ones who talk it up, but there is still something endearing about them. You know that they mean well, and regardless they are consistently providing comic relief. They are best when everyone is going through a rough patch because they’re optimism is often contagious. They’re ridiculously loyal and whilst erratic at times, they always have your back.

The Ari

Now Ari, is arguably not part of the group but he seems to float in and out as he pleases and let’s be real, we love him. He is aggressive and rude, and that’s exactly what we love because that makes him passionate and outrageous. This is the guy or girl friend who works so hard that they aren’t always around, but when they are everyone is sure to know about it. No one has the expectation that they’ll be there but they’re always welcome because a good time will only get better when they show up. You can talk business with your Ari friend, you can party with your Ari friend, but there aren’t many people that he or she will open up to – so if you’re one of them consider yourself privileged.

In the end we love Entourage, because through all the dramas, the highs and the lows, and the chances they have to stab each other in the back, they don’t. They remain true and they have the best time of their lives because they know – like we have to remember – life is better with your friends.