Michael Jordan Rock Blue Marlin fishing tournament Dolphin

Michael Jordan Takes The Lead In $4.5 Million Fishing Tournament

Reeling in a tremendous, headline-making 440+ pound marlin may have only placed him at 6th last time, but this year,…

The 12 Best Fishing Spots To Cast Your Line In Sydney

You heard me.

Sydney Fish Market 271kg northern bluefin tuna

271kg Bluefin Tuna Sets Record As Biggest Ever Sold At Sydney Fish Market

A king-sized northern bluefin tuna caught 80 kilometres off the coast of Coffs Harbour has broken rods and records as…

Tarus 2×2 Motorcycle Can Be Packed Away Into The Boot Of Your Car

The Russians are efficient if nothing else, as per the widespread cultural stereotype. The latest stonefaced example of their engineering…

The Hermès Fishing Rod Will Set You Back $13,790

$3,600 Louis Vuitton dumbbells? Jog on, peasant. $8,000 Chanel water bottles? Get out of my face before I call the…

Michael Jordan Reels In 440-Pound Marlin At Fishing Tournament

It’s low-key depressing how some people are good at everything. As Michael Jordan has just proven during a recent fishing…

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Victoria Luring Anglers With 1000 Gold Tagged Fish Worth Up To $10,000 Each

A genius attempt to incentivise people to support bushfire ravaged communities.

Review: Owen River Lodge Is Fly Fishing At Its Absolute Peak

New Zealand is an angler’s dream destination. There’s no shortage of rivers, streams, and lakes teaming with copious amounts of marine life.

Watch Three Aussie Mates Catch A 20kg Tuna With A Drone

Drones have become fairly common recently, but we’re pretty sure this is the first time they’ve been used to get bait out to a school of hungry tuna.