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Louis Vuitton Ginza store

Louis Vuitton’s Ginza Building Resembles A Tower Of Rippling Water

Ambitious, high-concept architecture isn’t anything new in the ritzy Tokyo district of Ginza, particularly when it comes to high-fashion. The…

louis Vuitton chocolate shop le chocolat v japan

Louis Vuitton Is Opening A Chocolate Shop

A year after the announcement of its inaugural restaurant, Louis Vuitton has now revealed plans to expand the luxury fashion…

The Louis Vuitton Golf Kit Is A $1,220 Fairway Flex

BH loves a fairway flex. Whether it’s functional apparel from Steph Curry x Under Armour or function-enhancing brews from TaylorMade…

The Louis Vuitton Poker Set Can Now Be Yours… For $32,500

If you have any – and I really mean any – lingering impulses to step up game night with the…

The Louis Vuitton Foosball Table Will Set You Back US$75,000

Being a baller doesn’t just involve an astronomical bank balance, it’s also an attitude… but if we’re being real here,…

Louis Vuitton Dumbbells Will Set You Back $3,600

Home fitness has seen a considerable uptick now that gyms aren’t exactly an option, and let’s face it – no…

Louis Vuitton Is Opening Its First Restaurant Next Month

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is out. Dinner at Louis Vuitton’s is in.

Louis Vuitton Drop Three New Californian-Inspired Scents With Custom Case

A notion of endless holidays and marvellous destinations.

Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Earphones Debut For An Extortionate Price

Listening never looked this good, but it definitely never cost this much.

Louis Vuitton’s Maldives Resort Has A Spa So Big It Takes Up Its Own Island

Most resorts have a wing dedicated for a spa…this one has an entire island.

10 Of The Best Designer Suitcases To Flex At The Luggage Carousel

Think of your travel kit as an investment in practicality as much as style. Splash a little more cash and get yourself designer suitcase you can flex at the luggage carousel too.

Louis Vuitton Unveils Its First Fragrances For Men

Two years on from when the fashion house debuted their first fragrances for women.