No Time To Die Location Matera

No Time To Die Filming Locations: A James Bond Travel Guide

Chances are, if you’ve travelled internationally at any point in life, you’ve crossed paths with James Bond. Not literally, of…

Knubben Harbor Bath norway 1

Norway’s Reimagined Harbour Baths Prove Scandi Design Never Misses

Harbour baths in Scandanavia are often used as a way for design firms to fully express their love of unique,…

Manshausen Island Is A Norwegian Winter Hideaway

Deep inside Norway’s wild Arctic Circle.

Cabin Goals: This Isolated Norwegian Hideaway With Breathtaking Mountain Views

The Efjord cabin in northern Norway includes a sauna with views and mirrored windows reflecting the mountain scenery.

Construction Of The World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant Is Now Complete

Like something out of a Bond film.

The Stunning Elevated Norwegian Cabins With Snow Forest Views

Enjoy the snow covered Nordic snowfields from the comfort of these 8-metre tall cabins.

Norwegian Arctic Design Wonder To Be World’s First ‘Energy Positive’ Hotel

Another win for sustainable infrastructure out of Norway with the design plans confirmed for this ring-shaped spectacle in the Arctic circle.

Norway Opens World’s Most Stylish &  Expensive Public Toilet

The unique structure cost over $2 million to make.

Norway To Build World’s First Ship Tunnel

The Stad Ship Tunnel project is a long awaited solution to an age old dilemma.