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The Office Kevins Famous Chilli Recipe Revealed

Kevin’s Famous Chilli Recipe From ‘The Office’ Revealed In Most Unusual Place

By far the greatest cold open featured in The Office involves Kevin’s Famous Chilli recipe. Portrayed by Brian Baumgartner, the…

NBC The Office Reboot

‘The Office’ Reboot Has Been Greenlit By NBC

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the years have done nothing but strengthen the fandom of a certain beloved…

HBO Paid James Gandolfini Tony Soprano The Office 1

HBO Paid James Gandolfini $4 Million To Reject Steve Carrell’s Role In ‘The Office’

In the latest episode of Talking Sopranos hosted by Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, the former cast members were joined…

the office reunion

‘The Office’ Reunion Show Is Being Considered By NBC

Despite airing its final episode back in 2013, The Office (US) certainly hasn’t declined in popularity since, especially considering the…

Cameo Top Earner 2020 - Kevin Malone, The Office _ Brian Baumgartner

Kevin Malone From ‘The Office’ Is Cameo’s Top Earner For 2020

You often hear about people parlaying their fifteen minutes into an entire career (or at least attempting to), perhaps even…

Spotify Launches The Office Podcast

In line with their current content strategy, Spotify has launched an official The Office podcast. Hosted by Brian Baumgartner –…

UNO The Office Edition Is Now Available To Purchase

A very special edition of UNO based on The Office is now available to receive your hard-earned money. Is it…

Best episodes of the office

The 10 Best Episodes Of The Office US (According To BH)

Fifteen years ago, The Office US premiered. As a happy consequence, the Scranton Branch of our favourite paper company provided…

Michael Scott’s Complete ‘Threat Level Midnight’ Movie From ‘The Office’ Is Now Available

“Clean up on aisle five.”

‘The Office’ Clue Boardgame: For Those Quiet Nights In

And you can end the session in a Mexican stand-off.