KFC Nightclub Hits Sydney This Month With Free Chicken
— 4 October 2023

KFC Nightclub Hits Sydney This Month With Free Chicken

— 4 October 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

The order of events for a night out on the town usually involves the club first and a greasy feed afterwards — either in the wee hours of the following morning or later that arvo when you finally wake. But the timeline has now been expedited with the first-ever KFC Nightclub.

Combining the tasty tracks of Aussie producer Luude (supported by Kinder and Foura) with the even tastier proposition of the Colonel’s finest, for a single night this October, you’ll be able to ball out like Timbaland at what’s been dubbed the “Fried Side Club.”

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But it won’t just be your ordinary banquet of Original Recipe and bangers. This will also be the grand debut of a brand new collab: Luude’s Zinger Sliders.

Arriving as a pair, each one of these will be packed with half a Zinger Fillet each and some lettuce — one loaded with Chilli Relish, one loaded with Supercharged Sauce.

“KFC has been a staple on the diet forever, so when they reached out to partner on a project, I was 100% keen,” said Luude himself.

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“We’re setting up a secret club that is a replica KFC store, you’ve even got to go through the fridge to get in — it’s sounding wicked… A childhood dream collab.”

And for those of you keen to sample these bad boys without having a boogey, you’ll be happy to hear Luude’s Zinger Sliders will be available from now until the end of the month via the KFC App’s Secret Menu.

It all goes down on October 21st (Saturday). Doors will open from 8 PM to 3 AM with the secret location of this KFC nightclub to be revealed 48 hours beforehand.

Hit the link below to cop your ticket.

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